Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie is in preliminary discussion

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Royce Gracie, 50, only lost twice – to Kazushi Sakuraba and Matt Hughes. The former fight lasted 90 minutes, while the latter went just 4:39. Gracie won a rematch vs. Saku. He has repeatedly said there is one fight he wants, but won’t say who it is. It’s Matt Hughes.

Hughes retired in 2011 and was given a no-show job with the UFC, something president Dana White did with several fighters who wanted to fight on past a point that seems healthy. However, the new UFC owners cut the position, leaving nothing to stop Hughes from fighting again if he wants to.

Hughes, now 43, appeared recently on AT&T Audience Network’s “Undeniable with Joe Buck,” and said he is in talks to fight again.

“If I could find an opponent that I think I could beat, I would go again,” said Hughes, as transcribed by Ariel Helwani for MMA Fighting. “[I] might even be talking to an organization about that … I could be in talks.”

Like Gracie, Hughes would not name a name, but said it might be a previous guest on Buck’s show. Not coincidentally, Royce Gracie was a previous guest.

Hughes has reportedly held preliminary talks with Bellator MMA, but no offer has been made.

Vitor Belfort has talked about the UFC setting up a legends league. There is one, and it’s called Bellator MMA.

“Undeniable with Joe Buck” can only be seen on AT&T Audience Network and DIRECTV NOW on Wednesday’s at 8 p.m. ET. The Hughes interview is scheduled to air late summer/early fall 2017.