McGregor hit with stupid, stupid lawsuit

Monday, September 11, 2017

Late last summer, then UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor notoriously showed up late to a UFC 202 pre-fight press conference, lost his temper at Nate Diaz leaving early, and started throwing water bottles and energy drinks.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission was not impressed.

The Nevada attorney general recommended a $25,000 fine, plus 25 hours community service, plus five hours media training. The NSAC, however, must have felt that was an insufficient deterrent to future shenanigans, and fined McGregor 5% of his purse, plus 50 hours of community service. The 5% came to $150,000.

An incredulous McGregor said the fine was bonkers, which it was, and said he wouldn’t fight in Nevada again. UFC president Dana White said he understood. McGregor asked for a review of the fine and the NSAC caved, fining McGregor $25,000, and requiring he do 25 hours of community service, ironically around the issue of bullying.

Now The Blast reports that the bottle toss is returning to court.

Security guard William Pegg claims in a law suit that he was hit with a Monster energy drink near his left shoulder, incurring medical expenses of just under $5,000 as a result.

Pegg is seeking damages of $95,000. The suit is stupid and the source of the figure is stupider still.

The claim is made that McGregor earned $15 million for the fight, and was hit with significant blows 166 times, making the cost per blow $90,000. The other $5,000 is for the medical costs. So the security guard is equating himself with Conor McGregor; that’s stupid, he’s a security guard, not the world’s second highest paid athlete in 2017. And he’s equating being hit with an energy drink in the back, allegedly, with being hit by Nate Diaz. It’s all stupid.

McGregor’s attorneys filed a response denying any responsibility.