McGregor: Malignaggi was badly concussed after we sparred

Friday, August 11, 2017

Former two-weight world boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi was brought into Conor McGregor’s camp to serve as a sparring partner. When McGregor posted an image that appeared to show the boxer had been knocked down, he quit the camp in a huff, and been huffing since. At the recent media workout, McGregor offered his assessment.

“It shows his character in my opinion,” said McGregor, as transcribed by Dan Hiergesell for MMA Mania. “He was looking for an exit. The spars were not good for him. He took a lot of head trauma. Straight after it we were worried. The sparring partners were actually telling us when he was drove back to the home he was stumbling out of the car after the 12-rounder.

“He was knocked down. He was flattened against the ropes. Multiple times the ropes kept him on his feet. We were worried about him. We thought the worst was happening. He was certainly badly concussed.

“And then he just got out of there and went running. I don’t know, I don’t mind Paulie. He came in. He spoke a hell of a game previously. Very disrespectful to the skill set. Very disrespectful to the discipline. But no matter what a man says, if they shows up and tries to answer that and tries their best you have to give respect. And that’s what happened. He showed up and tried his best. It didn’t go his way, he got his ass whooped. He got his pride dented and then he wanted a way out.”

“As far as the images that got leaked, let me clear this. I didn’t leak any images. The image I released, the only image I released, was the original one where my hands were behind my back. And that was in response to the comment where he said ‘I will beat him with one hand tied behind my back.’ So I released one picture with me whooping his ass with both hands behind my back.”

They say I’ve got no hands.

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UFC president Dana White released some footage of the knockdown, so you can judge for yourself.