Melendez doing ‘AOK’ but his leg not so much

Monday, September 11, 2017

UFC 1 demonstrated that Jiu-Jitsu works. UFC 215 demonstrated that Calf Kicks work. In the first fight on the main card, Jeremy Stephens took advantage of Gil Melendez’ upright striking stance, and battered his lead leg mercilessly.

Melendez has been fighting since 2002 and has never been stopped by KO or TKO, but the damage was such that after Round 2 he wanted to quit.

“I think I’m done bro,” he said in his corner.

His team wasn’t having it.

“You can do any f***ing thing for five minutes,” Melendez was told. And he did. Gil Melendez has still never been stopped by strikes.

His wife Keri Taylor-Melendez, who is herself a fighter with competitive experience in Muay Thai and MMA, reports that he sustained no joint damage.

In the end, Gilbert Melendez shifted, fell, and rose, shifted, fell, and rose and endured. UFC president Dana White spoke for the sport.

And above all, respect to Jeremy Stevens for carrying out a game plan that beat the odds, won the night, and will have a significant effect on the play of the game going forward.