Mineev TKOs Falcao, referee fails terribly

Friday, April 21, 2017

Refereeing in mixed martial arts is thankless beyond description. Decisions have to be made in far less than a second, that effect a fighter’s health and his or her livelihood in opposite proportions. Media, fans, and professionals focus only on the failures, as if you do your job right, no one remembers you were there.

That said, referees are not above criticism.

If a fighter is in danger and is not presenting an Intelligent Defense, then the fight should be stopped. Vladimir Mineev and Maiquel Falcao just had a rematch At Fight Nights Global 63, in Vladivostok, Russia. The first fight was a Majority Decision win for Falcao at Eurasia Fight Nights Global 56 on December 9, 2016 in Primorsky, Russia.

This one was not a win for the Brazilian, and it needs to have been stopped earlier. The Russian referee’s definition of Intelligent Defense is apparently “not completely unconscious” or perhaps “still breathing.” It’s difficult to watch.

Falcao is 36, and has been fighting professionally for over a dozen years. Further, he rose up through the ferocious ranks at Chute Boxe where hard contact in training is the norm. Every fighter without exception needs and deserves to have the fight stopped when they can no longer intelligently defend, but in cases like Falcao, closing out a career, this isn’t just a bad call. It leaves you worried about long-term health.