Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nate Diaz hasn’t fought since beating and then losing to Conor McGregor. After a career of being grossly underpaid, he finally made millions, but is interested in fighting again, particularly given that earlier this year a federal judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit filed against him by his former management firm.

“I’ve been trying to get in there and get going,” said Diaz recently to Simon Samano for MMAjunkie. “I’ve been wanting to get in there and get going this year. I just got this lawsuit out of the way that I’ve been going through for the last two years, so I wasn’t even able to fight. So that’s all done and over, and I’m ready to get back to fighting if I’m going to be fighting anymore. …

“I’m training until there’s something good to do here.”

UFC president Dana White discussed vs. former welterweight and middleweight champ Georges St-Pierre at UFC 22 in August, but Nate’s not interested.

“No, I’m not fighting that fight,” said Diaz. “Like I said (on Facebook), he cheated when he fought my brother, so I just had to bring up old s*** because they’re trying to brush it off like it’s nothing. I got other s*** to do, and it was just weird because we never even really talked about it.”

“There was a fight I asked them for, and now that that fell through, we’re back to square one.”

Diaz declined to name the fighter he asked for, but emphasized he is not holding out for a money fight/

“What people don’t understand is that any fight I fight is going to be a money fight,” Diaz explained. “I’m not waiting for anybody. I’m just waiting for a motherf***er to do something. Let’s get a real fight going. I’m not going to be involved in no weak s***.”

“Nobody interests me right now, but I’m interested in doing something. I don’t think the UFC wants any of those fights to happen because we haven’t been talking about none of them. So time will tell.”