Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bob Mercer reports for the that the South Dakota commission of Combative Sports is adopting 29 pages of further rules for mixed martial arts. Chief among them is a process for a fighter to appeal a decision; a description of the alleged error would have to be filed in writing within five days of the fight. The commission would then review and investigate and if an error is found could amend the bout outcome, to declare a No Contest, or even a different winner.

Other changes include:
•For situations that aren’t covered otherwise, the commission would have authority to use regulations from the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts;
•Repealing a rule requiring an automatic seven-day suspension for all fighters after bouts;
•Individuals applying to fight in a bout or contest would need national mixed martial arts identification;
•Fighters would have to disclose a cerebral hemorrhage of any kind;
•Promoters must register approved events with the Association of Boxing Commissions;
•Promoters must provide proof of health insurance for each contestant at least seven days beforehand;
•Failing to file any required report or form may result in cancellation of an approved event;
•Physicians may enter the ring at any time during the contest at the request of the referee;
•A licensed timekeeper must be present to keep official time of each bout;
•Contestants can’t wear any supports or wraps on an ankle;
•Neoprene or similar materials can be wrapped on a knee but metal, plastic or Fiberglas support braces on a knee are prohibited;
•At least 10 feet must be kept between the edge of the ring apron and the first row of ticket holders, with a barrier marking the area to provide the commission and officials with access to the entire ring; and,
•The ring must be assembled and available for inspection by the commission at least two hours prior to the first scheduled bout.



The new proposed rules will next go to the Legislature’s Rules Review Committee which will determine whether the commission followed the correct process.