Oh Japan: 12 year old girl to make MMA debut vs. adult

Monday, April 24, 2017

Manager Shu Hirata writing for ADCombat reports that a 12-year-old 7th grader named MoMo will be fighting 24-year-old Momoko Yamazaki at DEEP JEWELS 16 on May 20th. Yamazaki is 2-3 as an amateur; this will be the debut for Momo. The fight is scheduled to be contested in the 95-pound division; Momo weights 86 lbs so presumably will be giving up about 10% of her weight, which is a lot. Yamazaki is described in the press release as having been bullied in junior high school, which led to street fighting, or a series of “tale of triumphs on the street.”

Making the spectacle only marginally less ghastly, under DEEP JEWELS amateur rules, striking to the head on the ground is prohibited. In addition, both fighters will be wearing headgear.

She trains out of Hakuhinkai Karate, a program that has produced a number of notable fighters including 10-0 Naoki Inoue and Yukari Yamaguchi.

The Facebook page for another Hakuhinkai fighter, Mizuki, shows two clips of Momo in training. One of them, uploaded three weeks ago, refers to Momo as a 6th grader. Momo looks decent, for a 6th grader.

While Japan is notorious for freakshow fights, this one descends to a new depth. Children fighting children under variations of MMA rules is highly controversial. Children fighting adults is without precedent.