Friday, May 18, 2018

One Championship boss Chatri Sityodtong dares greatly. He aims to beat the UFC. And beyond that, the NFL. He aims to become the biggest sports media group in the world.

“Here’s what is happening right now, the world’s most valuable sports property right now is NFL, it’s worth $75 billion,” Sityodtong said at a press conference for Friday’s One Championship Unstoppable Dreams, as transcribed by Alex Oates for the Geelong Advertiser. “I genuinely believe, in my heart, that One Championship will become the world’s biggest sports media property.”

“We will surpass the NFL. The NFL is a single-country sport, played in America, a country with more than 325 million people. Asia, the home of martial arts, has 4.4 billion people.”


“I was fortunate to spend 10 years on Wall Street as a head manager investing, buying and selling companies all over the world, so I have a good perspective in terms of what it takes for a company to succeed. I don’t know if it’s going to be three years, five years, 15 years, but we’ll have 4 billion people united behind One Championship. It’s just math.

“If you sell one $10 t-shirt once a year to two billion people, that’s two billion dollars in revenue. That’s why we’re confident. My team internally, that’s our goal, beating NFL. This is going to be powerful and it will change the world of sports media.”

“The UFC is only doing a sliver of martial arts. UFC is the largest mixed martial arts organization, but we’re the largest martial arts organization… we do all it all. UFC is a tough competitor, they’re No.1 in mixed martial arts, we’re No.1 in the world for all martial arts. … When you look at social media metrics we’re way ahead of UFC in Asia, we have 90 percent market share.

“Basically a global duopoly has occurred where UFC controls the Western Hemisphere and Australia. One Championship, we’re very strong in Asia but we’re weak in North America, Australia, and Brazil. But we provide all martial arts and the martial arts community will rally behind us … it already has and the numbers are showing.

“If you look at the TV ratings, we’re literally way ahead of UFC. Actually, we’re multiples ahead of the NBA, so the formula we’re using is resonating.”

A plank in ONE’s plan for world sports domination is the Super App. which you can download here.

“If 4.4 billion people download the app, I don’t think I’m going to have to worry.”