Thursday, June 14, 2018

The greatest punch in MMA history is probably ‘The H-Bomb’ that Dan Henderson landed on Michael Bisping at UFC 100 in 2009. The greatest kick is probably the ‘Showtime Kick’ that Anthony Pettis landed on Benson Henderson at WEC 53 in 2010.

Hendo’s punch was iconic.

However, during a recent interview with Dann Stupp and John Morgan for MMAjunkie, Pettis said the Showtime Kick was a mixed blessing – part curse.

“The crazy thing is that I tried to be that guy too much, where I was forgetting what got me to that ‘Showtime kick,’” he said. “Like, watch that fight. It wasn’t like I was throwing those kicks the whole fight. It was one ‘Showtime kick,’ and it landed. It was great basics, clean technique.

“I got away from that technique side because I was focused on wrestling so much. There was just a lot of crap that I just had to fix, so I found out what I needed to do, and I’m back doing it.”

Pettis next fights Michael Chiesa at UFC 226 on July 7, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pettis is ranked #12 in the division and Chiesa #9. A win could get Showtime into the top 10, and then as he noted, two fights from a title shot. However, the upper reaches of the UFC lightweight division are wide and deep.
Champion: Khabib Nurmagomedov
1. Conor McGregor
2. Tony Ferguson
3. Eddie Alvarez
4. Dustin Poirier
5. Kevin Lee
6. Edson Barboza
7. Justin Gaethje
8. Nate Diaz

Image courtesy of MMA Photoshops.