Pros, press invited to officials training in Cali, gratis

Monday, January 09, 2017

The Association of Boxing Commissions & Combative Sports has entered into an agreement to provide the State of California professional boxing and mixed martial arts officials training (as required by California law). This first training of 2017 will be an advanced course and already has nearly 50 registrants.

The training course will be January 22 at the LAX Hilton (5711 W. Century Blvd) from 8am – 5pm. Instructors include:
•Famed boxing referee and instructor Jay Nady;
•Boxing Judge Steve Weisfeld; and,
•MMA legend ‘Big’ John McCarthy.

ABC President Michael Mazzulli and California Executive Director Andy Foster have now extended an invitation to professional fighters, professional trainers, or professional media from each discipline, Classes can accept up to 10-12 licensed fighters or trainers or media at no cost.

For MMA professionals that have questions about new Minimum Standard Rules and the new definition of what constitutes a grounded fighter, the clearer criteria for judging plus removal of selected fouls for MMA, the class is a must. Even experienced professional boxers may not understand the difference in a ‘hold’ and a legal ‘clinch’, or what a decisive 10-9 means. MMA fighters need to understand the new interpretation of what really is considered a ‘downed’ fighter.

“The ABC is partnering with several Commissions and hopes to provide the service to many others in order to keep judges and referees for the sports refreshed in standards for officiating,” said ABC President Mike Mazzulli.  “An event at Mohegan Sun should be officiated exactly as it is in California or Kansas for the protection of the fighters.”

Registration for officials will include testing, with those passing the advanced course listed on the Official ABC site as Recognized Officials under their respective sports ( Those interested in attending should immediately contact Heather at CSAC at