Monday, January 15, 2018

There has long been a debate in MMA about whether it is fair that especially attractive women get more attention (and thus, ultimately, money and opportunity) than do more average looking women. However, regardless of opportunity, regardless of looks, ultimately in mixed martial arts, you have to win.

Paige VanZant got opportunities (Reebok direct sponsorship and headlining an event) that were in excess of her experience. She wisely took advantage of them. But in her last fight, she was beaten badly by a bald Rose Namajunas. After the first round, the part-time model’s face looked like something out of the latest Tarantino Movie, but bloodier. She told Ariel Helwani that she was cleaning blood out of her ear for three weeks. Because of her tough showing, PVZ got more fans still.

If the pattern continues, after Saturday night she may rival Conor McGregor for adulation.

In the first round PVZ attempted a risky spinning backfist. If it lands, you look like a hero. If you get countered, you look like a stupid hot dog. And if it’s blocked on the forearm, your own arm can break.

That’s what happened Saturday night. VanZant went for a highlight reel technique and suffered a broken arm, on Jessy Jess’s head. The fighter gamely told her corner what happened. And then she fought hard for two more rounds.

Afterwards, she was rush to the hospital, and let her fans know what was happening.

“Well… I broke my arm in the first! I was able to finish the fight but as you can see, had a hard recovering and throwing my right. I’ll be back better and stronger than ever! It’s all a part of the fight game. God had other plans for me. Darn spinning back fist.”

PVZ likely earned even more fans with the loss.

And it would be offensive to laud PVZ and not do the same for the winner. Australia’s Jessica-Rose Clark is not on a three-fight wins streak, over Carina Damm, Bec Rawlings, and now VanZant.

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