Ref fails to do his job, corner vaults fence, attacks winning fighter

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Refereeing MMA is not a fun job. By design, if you do everything right, no one notices. And if you do something wrong, people get hurt, their income and even career is threatened, and you can get socially inducted into the @$$hole Hall of Fame.

Like this guy, the referee at Silmar ‘Sombra’ Nunes vs. Caio ‘Paturi’ Robson Silva at Capanema Fight Combat in Capanema City, Para, Brazil on Saturday, September 23.

Nunes locked in a guillotine; Robson Silva didn’t tap, and went out. Bafflingly, the referee checked Silva multiple times but somehow could not tell that an unconscious fighter was unconscious. Suddenly one of Silva’s cornermen vaulted the fence and attacked Nunes.

An MMA pig pile ensued.

In the middle of the disgraceful scene, nobility shone through. Rather than exchange with the attacking cornerman, or throw up his arms in victory, Nunes immediately attended to the man he had just moments before hand been trying to put to sleep.

So lets give Nunes the last word, via Instagram.

“If you don’t tap you go to to sleep,” he wrote, via Google translate. “Another victory, thank God. I was beaten at the end of the fight but everything went OK.”