Report: Lesnar in negotiations, might challenge DC vs. Stipe winner

Friday, June 15, 2018

There is no one on Earth who knows more about professional wrestling and mixed martial arts combined than Dave Meltzer. Thus a seemingly bonkers rumor has to be lent weight. In his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer says that Brock Lesnar vs. the winner of Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic is under discussion.

Lesnar has been asked to face the winner of the 7/7 Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier fight for the heavyweight title, which from a sports standpoint is ridiculous given that Lesnar hasn’t had a true UFC win since Shane Carwin in 2010 (his 2016 win over Mark Hunt was changed to a no contest when he tested positive for Clomiphene). But that would also be a money fight. As noted before, it’s going down to the wire. The idea for that fight is on 12/30 in Las Vegas, which means Lesnar needs to put himself back in the USADA testing pool by 6/30. If he does, it would not be a surprise for Lesnar to show up at the 7/7 UFC 226 show. I can tell you that while that is not decided on, it is something under discussion for him to show up and challenge the winner or them at least tease that.”

Meltzer also explains that a rumored fight between Lesnar and Jon Jones is problematic in the extreme any time soon.

Based on the fact [Jones] had no alibi at all at the Nevada commission hearing, you’d really be hard-pressed to justify anything less than a four-year suspension. It’s a multiple time offender and it was a Turinabol (steroid) suspension filled with no explanation of how it got into his system and one bullshit excuse after another from people who should be smarter on the subject pushing how he passed tests much later (or even pushing he passed a blood test, which Turinabol wasn’t being tested for as a reason he was clean) when this is a short-acting drug that would be taken to aid in strength maintenance while weight cutting (the explanation of why he’d be using it at fight time) and had a very short detection time.

A four-year suspension kills any chance of that fight happening, given that Lesnar would be 44 at that point. Even if he gets two years, which would be a joke given first time offenders for drugs less serious get two years, and this is Jones’ second offense (his cocaine positive doesn’t count because cocaine is only banned at the time of the fight, not during training). Even at two years, that’s still the summer of 2019 and you’d have a 42-year-old Lesnar against a 31-year-old Jones, and let’s not forget Jones is the most talented fighter in the history of the sport. Still, I can see that happening.

Even with the size difference, this is not a good fight for Lesnar, except for his bank account. It’s a hell of a fight for that since if Lesnar doesn’t fight until then, it’s still probably a 1.5 million buy fight and a big win for Jones, with the idea of elevating him as a draw.

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Lesnar challenging the winner of UFC 226 on July 7 to a fight at UFC 232 on Dec 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada makes a mockery of MMA. It’s doesn’t remotely resemble what would happen in a real sport. Lesnar would get a title shot, with his last win coming in 2010. He lost two in a row, then managed to get a win over Mark Hunt, and saw it changed to a No Contest when he tested positive for Clomiphene.

Jones too has been suspended for Clomiphene, so they have that in common. That was Jones previous failed test though; he currently faces a suspension for Turinabol. Some days this is a weird sport.