Saki: No one in the UFC has the B@!!$ to stand with me

Friday, September 22, 2017

UFC Fight Night 117 is a little underwhelming, as evidenced among other things by it appearing on FXX rather than FOX Sports 1. However, it will mark the league debut of monster Dutch-Turkish kickboxer Gokhan Saki, 33. ‘The Turkish Tyson’ had only one MMA fight, losing to James Zikic in 2004. He then turned fully to kickboxing, eventually establishing himself as one of top names in the sport, and earning the Glory light heavyweight championship.

On Friday he fights Brazil’s Henrique da Silva. ‘Frankenstein’ entered the UFC on a ten-fight win streak. He won his debut, and won a performance bonus his second fight. However, he lost the next three, and now has a pivotal fight.

“I lost three fights in my [kickboxing] career too,” said Saki to Ashley Hammond for Gulf News. “At that moment I was hungry but also really nervous, so for him it’s 50-50.

“I’m the most experienced, not in MMA but in fighting, he’s lost his last three, the fight starts standing up, he’s young and hungry, but I’m back hungry again after two and a half years, so I wish him luck.”

“Some people see me as the underdog, but I think they underestimate my wrestling and jiu-jitsu. The fight starts standing up and that’s my thing, but even if we go to ground, I’m going to be ready.

“A lot of kickboxers go into UFC but they don’t have my footwork and speed, so let people think what they want, I’ll show them on Saturday.”

“I feel young and hungry again after stopping [kickboxing] for two and a half years. And I’m going to make a comeback, but I’m not coming back just because I want to fight again. I’m coming to dominate UFC to show what I used to show, and give people what they want to see.

“This time next year I’m going to fight for a title and be the champion, this is within four fights, I’m going to make this happen. If I want something and I’m hungry enough, I make it happen.”

“He’s going to try and take me down but I’m going to try and keep the fight in the middle. He doesn’t have the b****s to stand up and fight me, I don’t think anyone in UFC does.”

First step is into the Octagon is tonight!