Saunders reflects on his vicious, entertaining loss to Jouban

Sunday, March 11, 2018

UnderGround favorite UFC welterweight Ben Saunders spoke recently with Jay Reddick for the Orlando Sentinel and reflected on his loss to Alan Jouban at UFC on Fox 28 on February 24 in Orlando, Florida.

It was a hometown fight for Saunders, against a fellow 10th Planet fighter.

Saunders set to throw a right, but Jouban countered with a perfectly time inside low kick that took Saunders’ balance and set him up for a fight-ending straight left. It was the Fight of the Night.

“In the beginning, you kind of feel dazed,” said Saunders. “Most people, in that moment, are probably confused, but I knew immediately what had happened. My brain was always there, but the motor skills were not there to tell the body what to do. When I recollect it, everything was happening in a slower manner. For some people, coming back from that could take hours. For me, fortunately, it just took a few seconds.”

“Hindsight is 20-20, but if I plant half a second sooner, my right hand clips him. Even if he drops me with the leg kick, he’s maybe down with a concussion and I’d be right back up. That’s one way it could have played out, one of so many realities. I felt better that I didn’t go out on something I didn’t see – that it was something tactical instead of a mistake in my perception.”

“My motto from day one of my career is that, win, lose or draw, you’re going to get a fight. I know how I try to fight – in a vicious, violent, dangerous fashion that brings more entertainment value, as opposed to a safer, less active game plan. It can be a handicap on my career, but I’m super-stoked it worked out with a bonus.”

“It was definitely emotional in my hometown. I was coming off a loss, fighting my 10th Planet brother, and the crowd was obviously there. It’s hard not to go right from zero to 100 when the entire crowd was super-awesome like that. I learned from that, because I pushed it as hard as possible in the first round and I probably could have paced myself a little better.”

“Sometimes people don’t understand that what we do, especially if you think about jiu-jitsu. Is almost like the opposite of a chiropractor/ We’re trying to unalign people’s necks and joints, and that’s not even talking about striking. So rehab and conditioning are an important part of what we do.

“I’ll never stop, though. Give it a month or so and we’ll see – maybe there will be a short-notice fight and I can get back in there.”

We are so looking forward to it.