Silva coach says tainted supplements likely source of failed test

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Three fighters from Black House MMA tested positive for the same steroid, drostanolone, in 2014 and 2015. The third was the greatest fighter in UFC history, Anderson Silva.

This is Blackhouse MMA head S&C coach Rogerio Camoes. He’s pushing 60. That’s a prodigious amount of the training, the prayers, and vitamins.

Silva said he believed the first failed test was due to a contaminated bootleg erectile dysfunction medication. Now Silva has failed a second battery of anti-doping tests.

Camoes appeared recently on the Brazilian television show Revista Combate, and conceded he’s not natural, explaining that he is on TRT because, “my goal is to be in shape at 60 years old” and “I have to do it, it’s my responsibility.” However, the coach argued fervently that his knowledge of doping is exactly why he would not involve The Spider in it.

“Many people point at me as the responsible for this,” said Camoes as transcribed and translated by the ever tremendous Guilherme Cruz for MMA Fighting. “People who know me for a long time and know my work know that I’d be the last person to do this, especially because I know from A to Z about anabolic steroids. I was a bodybuilder.

“The first anti-doping test I did was in 1987 at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, when I was competing internationally in judo. I was tested for 10 years, and I know from A to Z, so I would be the last person to give someone something that would make them fail a doping test. Only if I was crazy or dumb. I would be the last person to stimulate Anderson to do something like that. It’s the opposite, I’m the one worried about it.”

Camoes said the team learned about the failed test via the media, and described the day as a shock, complicated, and really tense.

“I’m with Anderson for many years and the first thing he said was, ‘Master, I didn’t take anything.’ I trust his word because Anderson is very mature and experienced, he has the conscience not to take anything that would compromise being suspended or taint his image.

“We believe in some contamination in some supplement. Every product he used, supplements, will be analyzed so we can prove there was a contamination. It’s a slow process, it’s not overnight, and it requires time and money. It’s very expensive.”

Camoes said Silva will receive a penalty, but thinks he will return to the Octagon in time.

“I believe he will,” said Camoes. “In life, when someone is taken away from you, that’s when you want it the most. The thing he wants the most is fighting. I believe he will come back to fighting.

“Before all that happened, I remember saying to [boxing coach Luiz Carlos] Dorea, ‘This guy will fight for more three or four years. This guy will fight until he’s 45, 46 years old.’ He was like a young kid, so happy. Everything will be cleared.

“There will be a penalty, of course, we know the USADA rules, and even with a contamination, it’s the athlete’s responsibility what he takes and you have to be careful with that. We’re waiting for something to know which path we will go after all this.”