Sports horror film, Spirit, to focus on weight cutting

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There are inherent dangers in mixed martial arts, but it’s a beautiful sport, in its way. However, the associated culture of extreme weight cutting is a horror show.

Now the practice is the focus of a sports horror film titled Spirit.

Most fight films focus on the fight action, but many fighters will tell you the hardest fight is over at the weigh-ins. Spirit follows a fighter named Pablo as he wages an internal battle between self-doubt and determination.

Most fighters cut at least ten to fifteen pounds to make weight, achieved through extreme dehydration, pushing one’s mind and body to dangerous limits. Fighters regularly say that they feel on the verge of death during this process. Only those with unbreakable will and determination succeed.

Spirit takes the audience inside this harrowing experience and asks the question – Where do we find the strength to persevere?

Spirit Teaser Trailer from Puzzle House Productions on Vimeo.

Spirit, conceived by San Francisco based director and producer Cole Winokur, highlights the extreme danger of weight cutting through a sports horror format. Winokur hopes to raise awareness of this critical issue in support of those that deserve it most – the fighters.

The majority of Spirit’s funding will rely on a Kickstarter campaign launching on April 4th.

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