The Sean Gannon Interview: Part XIV #JusticeForGannon

Thursday, January 05, 2017

In our last interview, we agreed to not post any more Sean Gannon interviews as long as they did not retaliate against our source Sean Gannon in any way. They have not honored that. Not only has he been Relieved of Duty, stripped of his badge, gun, and even personal civilian License To Carry, they are going further. They cannot do this permanently and officially Terminate him unless they prove misconduct. They have convened an Internal Affairs hearing for this purpose on Monday, January 9th, 3:00pm at Boston Police Headquarters, 1199 Tremont Street. We have a new interview that we believe will change their minds.

Sean Gannon Interview Part XIV

Sean Gannon: I’m going to start off with some little-known facts. I trained at the same martial arts school as the Boston Bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev for YEARS. I also spent years as a member of BRIC (Boston Regional Intelligence Center). Here is an old article from a conspiracy website entitled “Six Degrees of Sean Gannon” describing some of the events that went down and the connection I had to them. It concludes with “Knowing Sean Gannon will lead to death 5 out of 6 times.” It’s one of those conspiracy theories that actually happens to be somewhat true … except they’re WAY underestimating the body count.

I’m going to lay out some little known (so far) facts here. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI asset. He was an FBI asset for a LONG time. Those times he got thrown out of the Cambridge mosque for being “too radical”? He was a “Mosque Crawler” – one of those FBI informants that pretend to be a radical so he can wrap up real Muslims in FBI stings with 20-year sentences. The people of that mosque were the good Muslims, people that just wanted to be good Americans, a better life for their children, and to not make more problems for their Muslim brothers. They tossed him out on his ass. They also probably suspected he was an informant as well.

Did it ever sound strange to anyone that Russia explicitly warned us he was a terrorist upon his return to the US, but somehow the message got “misplaced.” It wasn’t “misplaced” we’re the ones that SENT him over there to act like a radical in the first place. Some say the Russians are paranoid. Well, it’s not paranoia when they really ARE out to get you. I don’t know enough about Russian regional politics to know exactly what he was doing over there, but I can assure you it wasn’t for the benefit of the Russians. After many years of struggle and sacrifice, Putin had finally managed to establish a degree of peace between Chechens and Russians, Muslims and Christians. Tamerlan was there to undermine that, and who was going to suffer? Innocent Russians dead in terrorist attacks and the good Muslims who would be blamed for what the pawns were doing.

In Dagestan, Tamerlan formed a friendship with another young Muslim named William Plotnikov. They had very similar backgrounds, both had fled the former Soviet Union, both were elite amateur boxers in North America, both (allegedly) were devout Muslims and had a lot of other things in common. There were a lot of things that made Tamerlan identify with Plotnikov. Plotnikov was then killed in a shootout between police and militants in Dagestan. Two days later Tamerlan returned to the US.

This is when the REAL radicalization of Tamerlan took place. I saw the difference in his face and manner as soon as he got back to the gym. He had always taken his prayer breaks in the gym before (we never had to wonder what direction Mecca was) but now they had a special intensity. He had grown a big beard to impress the radicals overseas, but it grew even bigger now that he actually meant it. Muslim brotherhood is a very real thing. Betraying your fellow Muslims is one of the worst things a Muslim can do. It’s actually the number one way the FBI and Israelis get you guys every time. Once you have betrayed your people in the smallest way, you are now a marked man for life if they ever release that information. Your family, your friends, your own mother will disown you. That means THEY now own you, body and soul. Tamerlan’s only way out now was murderous martyrdom. And he was going to take as many people with him as possible.

I want to take a minute to explain who MY Muslims are. Boston is a diverse, fairly international city. With all the elite colleges like Harvard and MIT around here, out of the ten wealthiest men in the world, sometimes six of them have sons in Boston. King Bhumibol of Thailand (may His Majesty rest in peace) was born here while his father studied medicine at Harvard. The sons of the most wealthy and powerful families in the world come here, many of them Muslim, and do their thing for four years.

You’ve got to understand, for many incoming Muslims, just the way women dress in America is like us going to a topless beach in France for the first time. Alcohol may be an illegal drug where they come from, so them going to a club in Boston would be like us having our bartender serve hash brownies and lines of cocaine … and our bartender is naked. When they have to go back home after four years, they’ll have a party that’s more like a funeral. But they usually leave with fond memories of our city.

If they stay, they often end up concluding that the Prophet banned booze for a reason and quit drinking, but they’re still just fun cool guys to hang out with. I’m going to quote one of my Muslims, “I fast for Ramadan, I don’t eat pork, I pray, I look out for my fellow Muslims and I quit drinking. The only thing I can’t quit is hot girls in yoga pants.” Those are my Muslims. You’re a little wary of the psycho Muslims, but once you go out partying and chasing women with these guys, you’re like, “He’s OK, he’s just here to have a good time and make a better life for his family.” Tamerlan had previously passed that test. His radicalization happened later … but not the way people think it did.

A little more on my Muslims in Boston. They’re not all rich kids from foreign countries, they’re also the small-business owners, the cab drivers, and many of the hard working regular guys and family men that make America great. I also do a lot of wrestling and martial arts, so I know a lot of great guys like coach Muzzafar “Moose” Abdurakmanov (former Uzbekistan National Champion), Sobhan “Soap” Namvar (former Iranian Juniors freestyle champ, beat the current Olympic Gold Medalist twice), Mohammed Hadifi and hot middleweight Muay Thai prospect Hussein Ilsadek. All really solid guys. I’ve even made friends with a couple of Nation of Islam Muslims … no easy feat for a pasty white cop like myself. I did it by being a straight shooter, honorable, honest guy in all my dealings, and they respected that, as I respected the role so many of them played as hard working, clean living, salt of the earth types that helped keep their communities together … even if neither of us agreed with all of each other’s beliefs.

Also, men like Captain “Hadji” Hussein of the Boston Police Department. His nickname is not the racial slur, it predates it by many years, it’s based on the lovable friend from the old Johnny Quest cartoon and the title bestowed on devout Muslims who have completed The Hajj to Mecca. That name has a special meaning within this organization. For decades, whether he was your Sergeant, your Lieutenant, or your Captain, if you got a tough, dirty, dangerous assignment, you would tremulously ask, “Who is the boss?” And if someone answered, “It’s Hadji” you would breathe a sigh of relief and say, “It’s gonna be OK, Hadji is in charge.” He’s one of those guys where big problems become small ones, and small ones just go away. He’s like oil over troubled waters, he can solve problems that cause riots in other cities with 15-minute conversations. And when one of the military reservists in our organization get’s activated, he gets an obligatory email from Hadji saying, “Hey, hey, you better be careful if you be shooting at MY people!” He genuinely feels Muslim brotherhood, and he wants every soldier going overseas to remember that not all Muslims are our enemies, that there is a good Muslim at home that he respects, and that there are good Muslims everywhere that should be treated with respect. He doesn’t beat you over the head with it, he leads by example and then makes his point with wit and humor. He’s smooth like that.

Now back to Tamerlan’s murderous martyrdom rampage – He wasn’t a real radical before, he BECAME radicalized by the way the FBI used him. The Fast and the Furious scandal from the ATF was such a big deal because it killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. This will be MUCH bigger news, because this time the blowback from their failed operation killed even more cops and civilians.

It wasn’t just MIT/Somerville Police Officer Sean Collier that got murdered, it was also Boston Police Officer Dennis Simmonds. He got hit with one of the bombs chasing the suspects through Watertown. He eventually recovered enough to go back to work, but died of a sudden brain aneurysm a year later (almost to the day).

Some people say “Boston Police are so brave.” Not really, we just have a great system. If we die in the line of duty, our kids get our pension as if they were us, something to take care of them the rest of their lives, like we were still there. They even get our jobs (automatically at the top of the Civil Service list). There is almost no downside to dying honorably as a Boston Police Officer. However, Dennis died young, before he had a chance to have any kids, so he didn’t get this. He does, however, have nieces and nephews, and they should never want for anything the rest of their lives. And the Federal Government, the ones that caused this fiasco, are the ones that should pay for it. Officer Sean Collier was in a similar situation.

As are the civilian victims, Krystle M. Campbell and Boston University student Lu Lingzi.

8-year-old Martin Richard William didn’t even live long enough to have nieces and nephews, but his sister, brother and parents should never want for anything. That family should be made whole somehow.

The good people that were maimed should be made whole (as much as we can) and not just by charitable donations, but by the same Federal government responsible for it.

And we’re going to have to make things right with China in some way for getting their national (Lu Lingzi) killed with this operation.

Here is a picture of the shrine we have up for the victims at the District A-7 Police Station. As it happens, the only picture I have of it is me with another terrorist victim (separate incident, the East Boston Shootout), hero officer Richard Cintolo. I’m unable to get a better one right now because I’m currently banned from all Boston Police buildings after my whistleblower activity.

Kirik Jenness: Jesus. And they killed two cops?

SG: It actually looks like it may have been more than two … this operation was going on a long time. It isn’t as well documented, and I’m still working on it, but if you kill a cop anywhere near MY city, it’s ME that’s honor bound to go after you. And I will not stop until you are brought to justice. And by the way, three of the guys intimately involved in the murders of Officer Sean Collier and Officer Dennis Simmonds are still walking free today, protected by the FBI. They’re not in some secret cell somewhere either, they’re walking free, still committing crimes, still a menace, and still a threat to kill more cops.

KJ: Jesus! How did you find all this out?

SG: Like I said, I was THERE when all this stuff was going down, I knew all these guys, am a decorated 20-year veteran of Law Enforcement, a member of MENSA, and was assigned to Boston Regional Intelligence as well, where you tend to learn a lot of stuff. It was all funny from the beginning, there were a lot of clues, stuff that didn’t add up, and stuff I couldn’t put together till later. Nothing I could prove … until now. What brought it all together is when I was doing some whistleblowing on some (in comparsion) lesser police misconduct. I referred to having “a lot of dirt on a lot of people” and some other specific things (will explain in another interview) and, being who I am, they panicked.

KJ: What tipped you off?

SG: When I went to the FBI with allegations of serious police misconduct, they inexplicably reported my “confidential” interview to the target of the investigation and have cooperated in a full court press to silence the whistleblower. They haven’t reported a witness to the target like that since the days of disgraced FBI Agent John “Zip” Connolly and Whitey Bulger. Luckily, I’m a Dick Lehr/Gerard O’Neill fan, so I figured it out quick.

KJ: That’s really messed up!

SG: Yes it is. It’s about the worst thing you can do in Law Enforcement. It means witnesses can’t come forward anymore because they can’t have faith in you to protect them, that you’ve lost all your street cred and that you’ve jeopardized your entire ability to be effective at your job. Nobody will talk to you anymore because nobody can trust you. I’m going to put it in starker terms: In any warrior society, honor is an integral to your existence. It’s especially important for Warrior Protector’s like Law Enforcement, because if you can’t protect your witnesses, you can’t protect anything. There is a STAIN on the honor of the FBI right now. It began when they set up witnesses for hits with Whitey Bulger, and good agents doing good work for decades had succeeded in wiping most of it away. And now all that work is gone and it’s right back on.

KJ: Isn’t it dangerous to call out the FBI like that? There is no easy time for a cop.

SG: I’ll be fine. I actually like fighting even more than I like women … and I LOVE women! I decided I was ready to go to prison for my principles a long time ago, and there are few people better equipped to handle it than me. Is it dangerous? Yes it is. I’ve done a lot of dangerous things in my life, but this is by far the most dangerous. And most necessary. They are the most powerful Law Enforcement agency in history, and if they want to hurt you they can. I’m gambling that the good men in the FBI outnumber the bad, that it’s just a few bad apples, and that the good men will prevail. They can act out to silence the whistleblower, but they’ll still have the same systemic issues until they address them. I’m hoping someday the FBI will come to appreciate that what I did was for the good of the organization, and for Law Enforcement everywhere.

Also, we have evidence that they’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid the upper echelons of the FBI, including FBI Director James Comey and their congressional oversight. Stuff that goes directly to the highest levels. I’m trying to avoid talking about certain topics here because it might affect good people that don’t deserve to be hurt or National Security. I will if I have to, but that is an absolute last resort, and I’m praying they don’t make it necessary with their ham-handed attempts at intimidation and retaliation. Retaliation from any party will lead to further information being dropped, and I won’t be so circumspect in the future. And it’s already encrypted at Wikileaks, and in the hands of people that will release it immediately if anything happens to me, even an arrest on a trumped up charge. And this stuff gets even more messed up.

KJ: it’s not messed up already?

SG: It gets substantially more messed up. This was just a warning shot. I mostly just want to be left alone by all the people messing with me right now. If they back off, I’ll back off. But it better be quick, because more stuff is dropping soon, and it’s much, much worse.

KJ: Worse than this?

SG: Yes. Much worse.

KJ: Can you prove the things you’ve already
said today?

SG: Yes. It’s been documented in meticulous detail by award-winning journalist Michele McPhee, a veteran of the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, New York Daily News, Channel 5, ABC and current host of the radio show Afternoon Drive. It’s all been compiled in her new book Maximum Harm. Today, I talked mostly about the well-documented stuff in her book, but the new stuff we’ve got is MUCH worse (a lot of it based on some extraordinary work by the great Bruce Gellerman of WBUR) and he’ll likely be publishing soon himself (the title hasn’t been decided yet or I would plug it more, he’s got some really intense stuff).

KJ: Why didn’t she put it all in the book?

SG: She wanted to, but she had a sketchy near death experience and decided it was safer to publish what she had, and do the rest later. Plenty here for more than one book anyway. I highly recommend that anyone that wants the REAL story of what happened with the Marathon Bombing to buy her book, it will blow your mind, and teach you a lot about how the world really works. And tell Joe Rogan, “Looks like you were right after all.”

KJ: This is a little different from the movie.

SG: It is. That is also one side of things. A lot of good people stepped up, did the right thing and saved a lot of lives. We’re telling the story of the guys that DIDN’T step up, the guys that committed the screw ups that caused this whole catastrophe in the first place. As Mark Wahlberg himself said so eloquently in The Departed, these are the “other guys”. Mark Wahlberg is a brilliant creative mind on top of his acting abilities, but if you want to know what’s really going on behind the scenes in Boston, you’re going to have to go to someone like me first. And people like me are few and far between. That would actually make a great sequel, Wahlberg’s character doing a little detective work and figuring out all the things going on behind the scenes in the first movie, and then bringing the additional cop killers and people pulling the strings to justice.

Post Script – Thanks to all the people from so many unexpected quarters that reached out to help during this thing. And thanks to Anon for reaching out too. I wish I could have engaged you more, but I’m working very hard to do the Martin Luther King/Ghandi non-violence strategy – take a moral stand, speak the truth, and let your enemies make themselves look bad by the things they do to you. And anyone that has seen me fight knows that I’m willing to take a beating to get the win. You guys tend to wreck s***, which wouldn’t be in accordance with these principles. The other problem is that you’re a mixed bag, a motley crew, a real rogue’s gallery, some great guys, and some not so great guys. And many of your guys are too soft to do their own time, and roll on your fellow Anon quickly under pressure. Worse, they become way too enthusiastic about it (a common problem with certain kinds of informants), they act like they’re Junior G-Men playing Cops And Robbers instead of playing with people’s lives. No matter how much you like someone’s internet persona, never give clues to your real identity if you’re doing dirt together. You’re riddled with informants, and it’s dangerous to even talk to you guys because sometimes I might as well be talking to the bad guys direct. More on this at another time, you can thank me later.

Here is a website with a few articles discussing the discrepancies over the years:

These were all first-page Google hits for me, but if you want more diverse sources, I recommend googling the obvious questions yourself and seeing what you turn up. It’s surprising. However, most leads tend to go suddenly and inexplicably dead in weird ways. And sometimes, literally.

Here is a list of the House Judiciary Committee which oversees the FBI. Most of them are good and honorable people that were prevented from finding out the full scope of this fiasco by rogue elements within the FBI. They need to know the truth now so they can put an end to this, and put those three remaining cop killers behind bars. Please contact them and ask them to look into this, especially if you’re in their district.

114th Congress
Bob Goodlatte, Virginia, Chairman (113th)
Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin
Lamar S. Smith, Texas
Steve Chabot, Ohio
Darrell Issa, California
Randy Forbes, Virginia
Steve King, Iowa
Trent Franks, Arizona
Louie Gohmert, Texas
Jim Jordan, Ohio
Ted Poe, Texas
Jason Chaffetz, Utah
Tom Marino, Pennsylvania
Trey Gowdy, South Carolina
Mark Amodei, Nevada
Raúl Labrador, Idaho
Blake Farenthold, Texas
Doug Collins, Georgia
Ron DeSantis, Florida
Mimi Walters, California
Ken Buck, Colorado
John Ratcliffe, Texas
Dave Trott, Michigan
Mike Bishop, Michigan

John Conyers, Michigan, Ranking Member
Jerrold Nadler, New York
Zoe Lofgren, California
Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas
Steve Cohen, Tennessee
Hank Johnson, Georgia
Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico
Judy Chu, California
Ted Deutch, Florida
Luis Gutierrez, Illinois
Karen Bass, California
Cedric Richmond, Louisiana
Suzan DelBene, Washington
Hakeem Jeffries, New York
David Cicilline, Rhode Island
Scott Peters, California

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