Theodorou to star in MMA sports comedy, Indiegogo underway

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Brian Carver is producing Last Hit, an MMA sports comedy starring Canadian UFC middleweight Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou. It will be the first film set in the world of both MMA and video fighting games, and is the first starring role for Elias, who, we can all agree, belongs on the big screen.

What is Last Hit about?

When MMA fighter Denis Bergeron (Theodorou) sustains a career-ending injury, he stumbles into the world of competitive fighting games, where he must overcome a toxic opponent and his own insecurities to win—and prove that his warrior spirit can’t be broken.

They’re filming in October 2018 and would love to have your support for their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign so Last Hit will be the best film it can be. Check out the link for more information and for some awesome rewards from The Spartan himself.

Contributions begin with $10 USD (White Belt).
You’re on board and you’ve got your white belt in Last Hit Jiu Jitsu! We’ll give you an advance preview of the movie trailer. You’ll also get a digital copy of the poster and a shout out on social media from the Last Hit team!
Items included:
•Sneak Preview of Trailer
•Digital Movie Poster
•Social Media Shout Out!

They run up to $2,500 (Red Belt).
At this level you’ve earned the right to be a movie producer and will get a screen credit to prove it. Since you’re Mr. / Ms. Big Shot you’ll also receive tickets to the Cast & Crew Screening and After Party, a day on the set, a featured extra role and lots of other perks. (Airfare and accommodation not included).
Items included:
•Autographed DVD
•Tickets to Screening & Party
•Featured Extra Role in Film
•Day on the Set of Last Hit
•Associate Producer Credit
Estimated delivery January 2019.

Check out the Indiegogo page…