Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Once, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was designed to overcome in any street encounter, and spawned modern mixed martial arts. Now it spawns the Donkey Guard.

Ironically, it was the ferocious fighter Carlson Gracie Sr who invented BJJ rules, in an attempt to capture with points what’s important in a real fight. But those numbers took on a strange life of their own, and now the tail wags the dog in a peculiar spectacle.

Retired UFC middleweight, BJJ black belt, and decorated warfighter Tim Kennedy is not impressed, as he made clear during a recent appearance on The Tim Ferris Show.


“I don’t like things that had balls and now no longer have balls,” said Kennedy, as transcribed by Iva Djokovic for BJJEE. “That’s what jiu-jitsu has almost become. Jiu-jitsu to me is get in mount or in side control and I’m gonna pick your face up and I’m gonna smash it into cement. Then I’m gonna push your eyes out and then I’m gonna bite your cheek off. That’s what jiu-jitsu is to me. That’s the origin of it. The gentle art [chuckles].”

“Instead of like talking about you know getting four points for back control or getting four points for mount or getting a takedown again – looks like find a place that you can hold somebody down and then hit them that’s it”

“I hate sports jiu-jitsu. I think sports jiu-jitsu is the abomination to what martial arts is.”