Trigg: Why Liddell should not return to the cage

Sunday, May 07, 2017

MMA veteran Frank Trigg appeared recently on MMAjunkie Radio and talked about when it’s time to retire, and when it’s time to stay retired. UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell was talked into retirement by friend and boss Dana White, who gave him a no-show job as an incentive. When the UFC was bought by WME-IMG, the new owners released Liddell, and there is speculation he wants to return.

“I don’t want anything to do with trying to fight,” said Trigg as transcribed by MMAjunkie. “The era is over. Our athletic careers are done. Be done.

“Liddell, for as great of a fighter as he was, he was getting knocked out – he was getting touched; he wasn’t even getting cracked – he was getting touched and falling down. Yeah, I’m sure he feels way better now. His head doesn’t hurt, his neck doesn’t hurt – he’s given his head time to heal from all those and he’s finally got his chin back.

“If he shows up, let’s be honest, he’s got something to give to the weight class.”



“The sport is advancing … Frank Trigg comes in and starts talking a bunch of noise. But then Chael Sonnen comes in and talks a bunch of noise, but is way better – much more activity, and more people understand it. And then you move on to this guy called Conor McGregor, and he makes it even better. He’s talking about having $100 million fights against Floyd Mayweather, and now you want to talk about guys who were champions 10, 15 years ago? It’s not good for the sport, it’s not good for them …”

Still, Trigg can see both sides.

“I said Anderson Silva should’ve retired when he got scissor heel-hooked by Ryo Chonan, and he went on to become the greatest of all time,” he said. “So what do I know? They wanna fight, let ’em fight.”

What’s certain is that Trigg is done fighting.