Tucker grateful to ref for allowing fight to continue

Monday, September 11, 2017

Canadian UFC featherweight Gavin Tucker lost a tough unanimous decision to Rick Glenn at UFC 215 on Saturday night. In the eyes of many, including UFC president Dana White and Glenn, referee Kyle Cardinal should have stopped the fight earlier.

There was an odd moment in the third round when Glenn suggested Cardinal stop it.

“I looked up to the ref and asked him, ‘Hey, you know, stop the fight?’” said Glenn, as transcribed by Dann Stupp for MMAjunkie. “But [Tucker] would move just enough. But he was taking some unnecessary damage, I thought. It’s too bad. We’re in the hurting business, but I don’t want to see anyone getting hurt unnecessarily. It definitely should have been stopped.”

Tucker cannot agree.

“In victory say little. In defeat ….less,” he wrote on his social network. “I’ll keep it short and sweet. I lost on Saturday. Stop blaming the ref for a bad call. That man let me go out on my shield. He visited while I was in the hospital and apologized. Was him and I in that cage. I didn’t stop fighting. He saw that. He should sleep easy.

“I have four broken bones in my face. The first which started on the jaw in rd 1 and the fight went down for me from there. I have 2 fractured orbital and another vertical fracture in the jaw according to the x ray/CT scan. The heartbreak of losing hurts much worse. Throughout the day I wiped a lot of blood off my cheek and I can’t say for sure there weren’t some tears in there.

“I fought w blurred vision and three different Rick Glenns kicked the f*** out of me for the last two rds. (I tried to hit the one in the middle) congrats to my opponent. I hope you go far because I plan on seeing you again.

“I fought my heart out. I’m a rare breed of straight savage and I don’t need social media to tell me that. however… I am appreciative of all the support I received on here, which is why I’m writing this. I have no excuses and won’t stand for anyone making them for me. That’s not how the north folk get it done. I have a great Family. a great team. and the greatest women.

“I have a great Family, a great team, and the greatest women. I’ll be twice the man for this. That’s it… Tucker 2.0 is on the way.”

Many fighters would fight to the death. That’s why Referee Stops Fight are common and taps to strikes to vanishingly rare. Refs have to balance a fighter’s dreams and livelihood on one hand, against damage. It’s impossible to do perfectly. However, if fans decide that they don’t want to see terrible, one-sided beatings, standards will evolve. So I have met the enemy, and he is us.