Two indicted in Korea for failed attempt to bribe UFC fighter

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Korean Herald is reporting that South Korean prosecutors have indicted two brokers for attempting to fix a fight at UFC Fight Night 79 on November 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. The two, identified only by their last names Kim and Yang, were indicted on charges of bribing South Korean UFC fighter Bang Tae-hyun to deliberately throw a fight vs. Leo Kuntz, who was entirely unknowing of the plot.

Prosecutors allege the two brokers gave Bang approximately $90,000 to throw two rounds vs. Kuntz. However, Bang changed his mind at the last moment and ended up winning via Split Decision.

UFC officials reportedly noticed an unprecedented shift in the betting lines towards Bang losing, and subsequently interviewed both fighters. That apparently spooked Bang, who decided to fight for real, and ended up winning the split decision.

Bad news is Bang never told the bad guys. Yang reportedly lost approximately $200,000 on the failed fix, and threatened Kim and Bang to cover his losses. He later took approximately $9,000 from each of them.

Kim also allegedly sent approximately $400,000 to Las Vegas in violation of the foreign exchange transaction act. Prosecutors said Kim is also charged with fraud and illegal gambling on Chinese football league matches.

Bang has been additionally charged with racketeering, which carries criminal penalties for his involvement. Bang’s UFC contract has reporteldy been terminated.

Kuntz, who knew nothing of the scam, now fights for Korea’s Road FC and will be part of a 16-men lightweight tournament with a $1 million prize that starts this month.