Friday, January 12, 2018

Bellator MMA has picked up some of the top talent from the UFC, including Benson Henderson, Rory MacDonald, Ryan Bader, Phil Davis, Roy Nelson, Gegard Mousasi, Matt Mitrione, Frank Mir, and commentator Mike Goldberg. Now the UFC has brought the churn full circle, signing phenomenal commentator Jimmy Smith, just a month after Smith announced he was not able to come to terms with his old employer.

“We’re very excited to have Jimmy Smith join the UFC production team and look forward to working him into a variety of different on-air talent roles,” said UFC Executive VP of Operations and Production Craig Borsari. “Jimmy’s extensive experience in mixed martial arts gives him a unique voice and great insight to breakdown the intricacies of our sport. We are excited to welcome him to the family.”

Smith will join a crack team that includes Daniel Cormier, Dominick Cruz, Paul Felder, Brandon Fitzgerald, John Gooden, Dan Hardy, and Dan Hellie. It is believed he will do commentary for events broadcast on FOX Sports 1, Big FOX, and pay-per-view, as well as pre-fight programming.

The move came after a bell ringing endorsement from now fellow commentator Joe Rogan.

“You f***ed up, Bellator. You f***ed up,” said Rogan. “I’ve been telling everybody that Jimmy Smith’s the best out there and you let him go. That’s a huge error on their part. I would be thrilled if somehow or another they were able to work it out where Jimmy Smith was at the UFC. That would be what I would like to see.”

Wish granted! It’s great news for Rogan, the UFC, UFC fans, and Smith.