Monday, February 12, 2018

The current UFC middleweight title picture is a dog’s breakfast since not long after Michael Bisping beat Luke Rockhold and won the undisputed title. Then Bisping needed surgery and held out of for a GSP fight and Robert Whittaker beat Yoel Romero for the interim belt. Then GSP beat Bisping, but dropped the title, so Whittaker’s belt became undisputed. Then Whittaker withdrew from a Rockhold fight over medical issues, so Romero was brought in for an interim title fight. But Romero missed weight so although he won, he didn’t win a belt. But he gets the next shot at Whittaker’s again undisputed belt.

Former division champ Chris Weidman has been out with a thumb injury suffered in his win over Kelvin Gastelum on July 22, 2017. During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Weidman argued that he, rather than Romero, deserves the title shot.


”I think it’s good that the division will be less chaotic, less weird, so you’ll have just a straight up champion, no interims,” said Weidman as transcribed by Ryan Harkness for MMA Mania. “As for who should fight Whittaker? I don’t know, I think I should. I just beat – what is Gastelum ranked, top five? He’s ranked fifth? I just finished him, he’s never gotten finished in his career.”

Gastelum is indeed ranked 5 in the UFC:
Champion – Robert Whittaker
1 Yoel Romero
2 Luke Rockhold
3 Jacare Souza
4 Chris Weidman
5 Kelvin Gastelum

After losing his belt to Rockhold, Weidman then lost to Romero, and the now UFC-departed Gegard Mousasi, before rebounding with a win over Gastelum. But Weidman has a simple reason Romero doesn’t deserve a title shot.

”He just had a loss to Whittaker,” argued ‘The All American’.

Weidman says he hopes to recovered from the thumb injury in a couple of months.

”There’s still pain, I’m able to punch decent,” he said. “But still if I clip the thumb it still hurts. But it’s more the grappling right now, when I go to grab or do any movement I get little sharp pains so I’m not able to squeeze like I’d like. And so I’m at about the six month mark, Khabib says it takes about eight months, so maybe another two months or maybe less.”

”I’m going to go see a doctor in Las Vegas coming up here and get some injections and hopefully speed up the process.”