What do you want from Robin Black?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mixed martial arts is radically overdependent on trash talk. Robin Black is the cure, and for eight years he brought highly-informed, highly-intelligent breakdowns of upcoming fights to Canada’s Fight Network.

Unfortunately, Black was part of a recent massive round of layoffs around originally produced content. Fortunately, Black is back:
•He is releasing content via Patreon; and,
•He has set up a free YouTube channel, you can Subscribe HERE!

In the first video on the new channel, “Robin’s Breakdown. EPISODE ONE. Fighting, Art and Life” Black talks about what happened, what will happen, and asks for input.

“Please tell me what you want to see here. What kind of analysis do you want?” asks Black. “So you want the truth about fighting?

“Comment, leave me some messages, hit me up anywhere. I’m listening. Hey, you want to help out, [I] appreciate it.”

“This is where we start. We’re white belts again. Starting right here on a journey to become better, and better, and better. We’re going to try. We’re going to fail. We’re going to fail plenty. But we’re going to get where we want to go, making the best fight content in the world, examining the beauty of fighting.

“Thank you guys so much for taking this journey with me. Enjoy the hostilities, my friends.”

So UG, bring out your inner Simon Cowell, your inner Ron Howard, your inner troll, your inner you, and share what you want in fight breakdowns.

And subscribed to Black’s free YouTube channel, HERE!