White: I need to fly to Silva and talk face to face

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter in UFC history, and he is deeply upset with the league.

‘The Spider’ was scheduled to fight Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 212 in Brazil. Then Gastelum was pulled from the fight over a failed in-competition test for marijuana. Several replacement fights were proposed, and eventually, Silva said he wanted an Interim title fight with Yoel Romero or he would retire.

UFC president responded by saying if fighters are talking about retiring, they should probably retire. Silva responded by saying he was no longer fighting at UFC 212, and in several interviews and messages, expressing his dissatisfaction.

During an appearance on The Jim Rome show, White responded, noting that working with Silva is like working with an artist.


“I have to deal with tons of different personalities and egos and lots of different things with all of the athletes that I deal with,” said White, as transcribed by Mike Bohn for MMAjunkie. “Anderson Silva has always been one of those guys that’s been unique to deal with – [but] never at this level. I didn’t make Kelvin Gastelum test positive for marijuana and pull out of the fight, and we tried to make other fights and get other opponents for him.

“You can’t demand a title fight or [threaten], ‘I’m going to retire.’ Especially when you know that my philosophy is this: If you even mention the word ‘retirement,’ you should probably retire. I know he’s not thrilled and happy with me. He and I need to sit down and do a face-to-face.”

“At the end of the day, despite Anderson Silva going crazy on Instagram and saying all these things right now, he’s actually a really nice guy. He’s angry right now and we need to sit down. Everything is better face-to-face, so I probably need to fly out to California and sit down to talk with him – and soon, very soon.”