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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match on August 26. is bringing a vast amount of fan and media attention to mixed martial arts, which is excellent. However, the flip side of that is, some of the media figures know less about MMA than does your grandma, but still pontificate about it at length.

FOX has a $700 million contract to broadcast UFC content and has considered buying the league outright. On FOX’s Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, the pair recently bickered over MayMac, and stumbled into a discussion of McGregor vs. Diaz 1 & 2.

“Speaking of fighting a bigger man, a guy who outweighed him by I’m going to guess 40 pounds and had, what, 5 inches of reach on him and got him on the ground,” explained Bayless breathlessly. “It’s called wrestling, sumo style wrestling. And he just pinned him. He pinned him.”

Struggling to not be outdone for sheer inanity, Sharp responded.

“How did he get him on the ground?” he asked. “He put them things on him first to knock him down and then jumped him.”

However, Bayles was not, indeed cannot be made to look the less ignorant.

“He didn’t knock him down,” said Skip. “He got a hold of him and dragged him down.”

McGregor, of course, got to the ground when he did a desperate shot and got stuffed. Sumo doesn’t even have leg takedowns.

And McGregor weighed in at 168 for the 171 cut off vs. Diaz, who weighed in at 169. Diaz and McGregor are both lightweights, fighting at welterweight, as Diaz took the fight on such short notice. Diaz hadn’t fought at welterweight since 2011. He missed weight once at lightweight, but it was 160.6. Given that Diaz was two pounds under the limit, and McGregor was three pounds under, it was probably close to the walking around weight for both of them. The suggestion that Diaz was 209 when they fought is cuckoo.

And Diaz’s reach is 76″ while McGregor’s is 74″. 2 does not equal 5. Mayweather’s reach is 72″ again a nice 2″ edge for McGregor, but not something crazy like 5″. A 5″ reach advantage is Stean Stuve (84.5″) vs. Uriah Hall (79.5″).

You don’t have to know Uriah Hall’s reach to speak authoritatively about MMA in front of a national audience, but you have to have watched the fight you’re discussing, and know that Nate Diaz isn’t actually fighting at the heavyweight cutoff. What the audience got was the equivalent of say Rousimar Palhares arguing Football bats.

Sharpe was candid when confronted on social media.

Conor McGregor boxes Floyd Mayweather on August 26. There after the Undisputed duo hopefully waits until they have watched an MMA bout before they comment again.