Saturday, January 13, 2018

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley appeared recently on the JRE MMA Podcast #10, and lamented aspect of the state of the sport. The champ loves to train and loves to fight, but doesn’t like that getting the biggest fights requires endless, unprofessional antics. You don’t get into the Super Bowl because you sell the most jerseys, but in the UFC, sometimes that’s what’s required. And selling the most jerseys appears to often require landfills worth of trash talk.

“I don’t even really like fighting to be honest. I’m just good at it,” said Woodley, as transcribed by Damon Martin for MMA Weekly. “I don’t like the politics behind it. I don’t like the martial arts aspect has been taken away from it. I don’t like the disrespect to the sport. Guys that aren’t really training hard. They don’t look the part. I think professional athletes should look a certain way. I really don’t like the youth, this generation of fighters that watch a move on TV, on YouTube and they go and want to do it. They don’t want to drill repetitions, they don’t want to actually put in the work.”

“It affects me because our sport is also the fans and the fans actually the culture who gets the fight. If a guy’s going to talk enough s*** and start wearing fly suits then in this day and age, that’s good enough for a title shot. I think that’s disrespectful to everybody that came before.

“Remember you had to go 10-0 and then you get the f***ing call from the UFC? If Conor wants Artem Lobov in the UFC and a .500 record, he’s going to be in the UFC. It’s ways that the sport has taken the love out of it.”


Woodley conceded that McGregor backs his mouth up, but remains unimpressed with the state of mixed martial arts.

“I love training,” said Woodey. “I don’t like what the sport has become.”