Woodley: I have NEVER wanted to F@$% someone up so bad

Monday, June 11, 2018

Colby Covington has a great heel act, and can fight. At UFC 225 on Saturday night he decisioned Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC interim welterweight championship, and called out the champ champ Tyron Woodley, promising to finish it inside the three rounds.

‘The Chosen One’ conducted a live chat on his social media and stirred things up himself.

“Colby Covington is coming to get his ass whooped,” said Woodley, as transcribed by Jed Meshew for MMA Fighting. “I ain’t never in my life, I ain’t never in my career, I ain’t never in my existence as an adult human being wanted to f*** somebody up so bad, beat somebody so bad, embarrass somebody so bad, end his career so bad, take his life so bad — and I don’t even say that figuratively. Literally, I’m gonna try to hurt him so f**king bad they’re never gonna want to let me fight in the UFC again, that’s a fact.”

“He’s a poser. Our sport has been so dead that everybody wants to believe it. They want to believe in the hype because we don’t have nothing else riding right now. Jon Jones is out for a minute, Conor’s out for a minute, Ronda’s getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. As far as stars in the UFC, they’re lacking so we are willing to accept the bulls*** that comes out of this kid’s face. Everything is a complete fraud. He’s finessed himself in a position to fight for a world title. Now you’re gonna get what you asked for. You wanted this smoke, you want to come fight the real welterweight champion, now you’re gonna get your ass beat.

“I’m not gonna knock you out quick. It’s not gonna be no first round knockout. I’m gonna embarrass you, I’m gonna talk to you the whole f***ing fight, I’m gonna tell the referee to get back, do not get in my way, do not stop this, I’ll tell you when it’s time to stop this.”

“I’m embarrassed that he’s a part of American Top Team. I’m embarrassed that he’s a part of our sport. I’m embarrassed that he’s in our division — a mockery to the sport, ain’t never did s*** but all of a sudden we can watch those takedowns. I’ve got the highest takedown defense in the history of our sport — not just the division, the history, since this f***ing sport started. This kid has never taken me down in his life. He’s never won a millisecond of any round ever, ever, on anything [while training]. He’s a warm up round. He’s the person I shadowbox with before I get the real work in and he will always be that to me.

“You’re never taking me down. You never took me down in the training room. You ran from me every time we trained. Your ass went home early like a coward — ‘Oh my ankle hurts!’ We were wrestling and you wouldn’t even wrestle me! These are facts.”

Woodley is recovered from shoulder surgery and says he wants to fight in August. The only scheduled PPV is UFC 227: Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt 2 on August 4, 2018. That’s less than two months away and has a compelling main event; it’s unlikely for Woodley vs. Covington. However, UFC 228 on September 8, 2018 would be just right.