Woodley: I’m getting set up to train Floyd Mayweather in MMA

Friday, March 09, 2018

On his ‘The Hollywood Beatdown’ TMZ Sports show, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley said he is in discussion with Floyd Mayweather to prepare him for a fight in the UFC.

“Floyd Mayweather is interested in taking a mixed martial arts bout, maybe a few of ’em, so who better than ‘The Chosen One’ to teach him the ropes on how we get off the ropes and get on the cage?” said Woodley, as transcribed by Ken Pishna for MMA Weekly. “We started chatting about MMA and we decided, hey, man, let’s connect, let’s hook up in Vegas and do some training and get him ready for MMA.”

“You all think it’s a joke, but think about this: Floyd Mayweather is one of the best strikers of all time. How many guys in the UFC can’t wrestle, can’t grapple, they consider themselves a stand-up fighter. If they have to stand across from one of the greatest strikers ever, they gonna be in a world of smoke.

“We’re already getting it set up.”

“If he’s able to evade punches at a fraction of a second, make people look stupid and miss a million times, then he can learn wrestling defense [and to defend kicks]. Doing those things, then obviously, he’ll decide what fight he wants to take.”

“He’s gonna fight a big fight that makes sense. I could see a Conor or something like that. I think Conor would want to try to get that L off his record and try to bring him over to his world. Conor has never really knocked anybody out with a kick. He throws a lot of kicks, they look flashy, but he does it to create space to keep you off of him. Conor is not that great of a wrestler and he’s not the world-class jiu-jitsu guy. If he can’t land one of those kicks on Floyd and he can’t take him down – if you’re an athlete and you can learn quick, you can stop a takedown – I think [Floyd] has a chance, for sure.”

“I think he’s gonna take three months anyway. I don’t think he’s going to jump into a fight fast. I think he’s gonna take the 12 weeks regardless. I think for the kicks, he’s gonna need two or three weeks. Some of the wrestling defense things, it’s very similar to boxing… to stop the shot before it gets there is through footwork. In total, maybe two and a half months (to get Floyd ready for a fight).”

While the idea seems absurd, so did MayMac, and that ended up being one of the biggest fights in combat sports history.