ZUFFA attorneys argue low fighter rev share due to no union not monopoly

Sunday, February 18, 2018

As recently discussed, there have been varying efforts over the years to organize UFC and other professional MMA fighters.  Project Spearhead is the latest to enter the fray.

The UFC has taken time over the years trying to persuade fighters that unionization is not in the fighters interest.  In a candid admission, however, Zuffa’s own lawyers filed an argument in defense of the anti-trust lawsuit the UFC is facing noting it is unfair to compare UFC fighter revenue shares with other pro sports because other pro sports are unionized.

For background on the latest Court filing you can click here to read Paul Gift’s summary.

The fighters’ expert witness presented evidence of athlete revenue shares across major sports noting the difference in the UFC landscape.  The UFC’s lawyers objected to this noting it is unfair to compare the revenue percentage fighters receive in the UFC compared to the big 4 sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB) because those athletes are organized and that increased their wages.

Lucas Middlebrook, the labor lawyer doing the legal heavy lifting for Project Spearhead posted this snippet from Zuffa’s court filing –


Middlebrook made the following observation of just how brazen the UFC legal admission is:



Author Erik Magraken is a British Columbia litigation lawyer, combat sports law consultant, founder of the Combat Law Sports Blog, and profoundly appreciated UGer.