Khun Kao

"The will to succeed is meaningless without the will to prepare"
Member Since: Jan 1, 2001
Job: Computer Programming/MIS/Administrator
Education: College
For Fun: Mountain Biking
Experience: 16 yrs MT & 15 yrs Boxing exp, '94 ISMTA Champ (-168 lbs), '04 KOTR Champ (-178 lbs), '04 USKBA East Coast Champ (-189 lbs), MT Record: 9-4-2 (4 KO's)
Location: Alexandria, VA USA

Founder and Executive Director of "Khun Kao Promotions".  Our event, "D.C. Metro Showdown" was the first to offer full rules Muay Thai, including elbow and knee strikes to the head, in the State of Virginia for amateur or professional fighters!  (Feb. 23, 2008)  We strive to set the standard for combat sports in the D.C. Metropolitan area and beyond. 

"The only way to improve ones Muay Thai is to *fight* Muay Thai!"