"but then do i know..."
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I'm known as the hot, hot thread girl and I was nominated as "Queen of The Underground." I don't consider myself the queen of The Underground. There are plenty of women who post there that are beautiful and who contribute to the sport too. It's not all me. I consider all of the women that post on the "UG" queens in my eyes, but for now, I'm known as the "Queen of the Underground" and that's how I got into MMA.



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  • Posted: 10/27/08 10:41 PM
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combatgirl youre awful!
  • Posted: 7/6/08 8:06 AM
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OceanMinded Great fight man. It went the distance and I figured Forrest would utilize his cardio advantage, but man that was a close fight.
  • Posted: 5/12/08 10:49 AM
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JNM =) I like to hit the Kron and eat Cordogs...I dont know lol