Member Since: Nov 30, 2009
Job: training with my coach Tom Hudson
Education: high school grad
For Fun: cage fighting
Experience: 11 years
Location: hemet ca. united states

Kaitlyn Spade Ramos, a very strong and curragious woman, she is a featherweight, she fights individual for Tom Hudson her trainer, a former mma pro but later retired from injuries.Kaitlyn also know as "Knucles" or "K.o" has a record of 8-0 with 4 wins by knock out im sure her trainer is very impressed with this young 17 year old beauty.Knucles is also sponcered by monster, her trainer and i quote says"i knew it wouldnt take Knucles very long to catch the eyes of a sponcer but she should be very surprised that monster one of the biggest sponcer groups swooped her up".if u would like to know more about Kaitlyn "Knucles" Ramos then shoot her a message here and there.

-don franco- 

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