Austin Guarino

Member Since: Apr 6, 2011
Job: Career Athlete!
Education: Some College
For Fun: Lifting, running, training, hunting, fishing & rock climbing
Experience: Enough
Location: Canton,Ga,US

I have been a supirior athlete my entire life. It has not been a hobby but a lifestyle for me that has led me to MMA. In Highschool I set many records in the weightroom as well as school and county recerds on the field.

I am a former Appalachian State, Defensive End, on the National championship team. While at App I set a few records in the weight room including bench max, 225 rep max on bench press, and power clean max as well as 3 rep hang clean max.

I fight out of my own fight team Rough Necks MMA where i started out in an old chicken house until i made somewhat of a name fore myself, but I train, and have trained at many great gyms since then. I trained for three months at Matt Hughes gym Hit Squad to help develope my wrestling and bjj. I train at the Hardcore gym from time to time in Athens Ga., i train alot at Iron clutch in marrietta Ga, and will be training at ATT of Atlanta for this next fight.

I have also trained at Team Quest with Dan Henderson, Dave Herman, Sokoju, and others in California

i am now training to for firefighting so i have taken a break from MMA but plan on fighting again before the year is up!

My training consists of Cross Fit, 3 days a week, weight training 5 days a week, sprints/stadiums/sledwork twice a week. Wrestling 3 days a week, and MMA  mon- fri every week.

For any questions about potential fights, training partners, or sponsors please contact me on my cell  678-918-6914 or on my facebook which is listed above

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