"You may be shepherds but we're thru being sheep"
Member Since: Jan 1, 2001
Job: Teacher/Instructor
Education: Advanced College Degree
For Fun: Long distance running, weight training
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: http://diesel67pix.multiply.com/

Favorite fighter:  Wanderlei Silva

Favorite Up-and-comer: Brock Lesnar

Favorite fight move: Smash to the balls
                              In the sack, man!
Kneeingroin.jpg Ouch! picture by Diesel67


Favorite wrestling hold: Full Nelson
  I'd be the guy in the red shorts.  I muscle Yellow down to
the floor and wrench his shoulders.


Favorite basketball move: Elbow to face of opponent driving to basket

Houston, you're having a problem.   Your superstar's face just bumped
into my elbow.


Pet peeve: Groin shots, blows to back of head, kicking and stomping a grounded
  foe are illegal in MMA.  Full nelson is illegal in wrestling.  "If it works, ban it."

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