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8/24/10 3:05 PM - Party Time

This past weekend marked the birthday of two of my best friends in Tokyo, Mitch and Aron. They once again got the celebration formula correct with good friends, good food and seeing as they are both DJs, outstanding music.

Many thanks to all the Cafe Kitch team for putting on a wonderful event and the folks at Cafe Cherir for being such excellent hosts.

A&M A&M-2 A&M-3 A&M-4 A&M-5 A&M-6 A&M-7 A&M-8 A&M-9 A&M-10 A&M-11 A&M-12 A&M-13 A&M-14 A&M-15 A&M-16 A&M-17 A&M-18 A&M-19 A&M-20 A&M-21 A&M-22 A&M-23 A&M-24 A&M-25 A&M-26 A&M-27 A&M-28 A&M-29 A&M-30 A&M-31 A&M-32 A&M-33 A&M-34 A&M-35 A&M-36 A&M-37 A&M-38 A&M-39 A&M-40 A&M-41 A&M-42 A&M-43 A&M-44 A&M-45 A&M-46 A&M-47 A&M-48 A&M-49 A&M-50 A&M-51 A&M-52 A&M-53 A&M-54 A&M-55 A&M-56 A&M-57 A&M-58 A&M-59 A&M-60 A&M-61 A&M-62 A&M-63 A&M-64 A&M-65 A&M-66 A&M-67 A&M-68 A&M-69 A&M-70 A&M-71