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5/13/08 5:43 PM - My meeting the finest man in the world Story

My meeting the finest man in the world Story...

Will Demps

It was UFC 81 and Super Bowl weekend in Vegas. My best friend, Drea, was at the airport and called me when I was at Tracy's and said "Girl, guess who I just saw and shared an elevator with?". I said, "Who?". She said, "Who is the finest man in the world to you?". My first thought was my ex-boyfriend, JD, but Drea would of told me it was him... I said "Who?!". She said, "Will Demps bitch!" I nearly shit in my pants completely jealous she got to see him and I didn't.

Three or four years ago, I remember seeing Will Demps in Latoya Luckets "Torn" music video and quickly googled 'model in Latoya Luckets torn music video' lol, found out his name was Will Demps, and added him on Myspace. I knew it was his personal page because it had pictures of his family, etc. This man is fine! ;-)

Anyway, after UFC 81 Drea and I headed over to Prive to meet up with Eddie and Joe. They were at Rampages table and guess who had a table next to Rampages? Yes, fine ass Will Demps!!! I didn't act all star struck, but couldn't help but to stare at him. Then drunk ass Michael Bisbing bumps into me on accident (Prive was packed), I bumped into Will's friend, who then bumped into Will. Bisbing spilled his drink all over my arm on accident and Will quickly grabbed a napkin for me. As I said thank you, Drea looking out, grabbed her camera and took a picture of us.

He was totally cool... but hella wasted.

Will Demps, Me, and his friend who I bumped into on accident.

Me and Will

Dancing with Will... poppin' his collar HAHA!

I couldn't wait for Tracy to get to Prive because I wanted a good quality photo with Will, but you can even ask her... I was scared, nervous, and too shy to go up to him and ask for another picture lol. And me... I'm never shy! haha

Saturday Night With UFC Fighter Quinton Jackson Afterparty @ Prive
- combatlifestyle.com - CombatLifestyle Nightlife

So then I start talking to Will and I said "You know I'm one of your friends on your Myspace", and he said "My personal page? Are you sure? There are a lot of people who make Myspace pages of me?". So Will and I made a bet that I was on his personal page. Keep in mind, I added him like three or four years ago... right when he signed up on Myspace. So as soon as I got to Tracy's I sent him a message on Myspace and said "I told you". He responded and said "Yes, you were right". I posted pictures from Prive on my Myspace. Will took our pictures and put them on his Myspace... so that made me feel kinda special. This big football player celebrity that I've had the biggest eye-humping crush on actually knows me now. :)

And get this... as I looked at his Myspace page, I seen a picture of him and Mark Towe. Looks like they know each other, went to school at SDSU and were in the same fraternity ... small world. Now, with every event that Mark Towe invites me to, I tease him and say "Is Will going? I'm not going if Will doesn't go!" HAHA!

So now I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Michael Bisbing for being so cool and intoxicated enough to bump me into Will Demps. I'd also like to thank Drea and Tracy Lee too for taking the pictures of me and Will Demps too LOL!

The End.