Should Doctor MMA(a.k.a.IWSTSOYB) be Banned?

 Doctor MMA is a well known poster who seems to do nothing but try and shit on a certain fighter's career. He currently has changed his name to IWillSucktheSkinoffYourBone, but we all know who he is. 

I made this poll "Limited" so that everyone can see  it, but only Blue/Red/Green can actually post. I am hoping that the Red namers see this poll and actually do something if it is lopsided enough. 

I am far from a perfect poster, and get crazy sometimes defending the fighters I nuthug, but to me there is nothing worse than a fighter basher and obvious troll who feeds their insecurities by trying to get a rise out of people. 

The post that inspried this poll was from the thread titled:

Fedor Emelianenko Appreciation Thread

HIs choice to post in this thread dedicated to praising a legend of our sport was this:
"Props to the second best HW there ever was, have a nice retirement. Maybe you even win this time when your opponent aint top 30."

Cast your votes if you're name is not black. 

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