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Lobo8 - Look up his record. He was 1-3 in the ufc. He cant expect to be getting good pay with that kind of record. Sucks but this is a tough sport and not everyone can make it.

How much does a low level nba player get? Or NFl? I don't know american sports numbers well, i know lebron who's the best gets 20 something mil, so i'd imagine the low level guys get decent pay.
In premier league football in the uk, although its the most watched sports league in the world, they get at the lowest levels around $80/70000 a week.
The fact that the ufc pay like this is disgusting. Dana may give this bullshit argument of "Look at boxing, look at boxing, they get paid shit all", to try and take the spotlight off of himself, however if thats the case when you're government is driving you're economy to hell does the President or Prime minister say "Look at Africa, look at Africa, they're driving their economy to hell".

The low level bench player argument doesn't apply to this. Bench players are still very important to teams for training practice, and substitutions. They help win games. These low level guys for the ufc aren't very important and are in a way filler for cards.But If they prove themselves and keep winning then they start to get the real perks of being a ufc fighter, recognition, pay and sponsorship. Just because you have few fight in the ufc doesn't automatically mean you deserve some perks. You have to win and be likeable by fans. You have to earn it. Look at connor mcgregor he came in with some hype and attention but was still put on the facebook prelims with low pay. He then proceeded to kick ass, immediately became a ufc fighter to watch out for, got 50k bonus. Oh and i bet he will get some awesome sponsors too. He didnt beg or cry for anything. He took what he wanted.

I don't think most people had ever heard of Connor before that fight... what hype and attention?