And what kind of meat would you like on that sandwich?


Could you please pass the mayonaise? Wait....

A Subway "sandwich artist" admitted today to putting his penis on the store's sandwich bread and posting the photo on Instagram.

The bombshell comes after HuffPost Weird News received several photos posted by two men in Columbus, Ohio, who work for the restaurant chain. Their Twitter and Instagram pages are festooned with photos of their exploits (see below). In several photos, Subway's signature bread is shaped into penises.

One of the men, Cameron Boggs, admitted on Instagram that "today at work I froze my pee" in a water bottle.

Boggs posted -- and later deleted -- the most incriminating photo, which depicts a man rubbing his genitalia on foot-long bread. It was posted on Instagram by username "weedpriest" with a caption that reads, "My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today."

In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Weird News, Ian Jett copped to defiling the footlong, but denied doing the dirty deed at work.

"I would never do that at work -- it was at home," he said. "This isn't something I'd ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke."


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Dirtyu D site profile image  

7/22/13 4:48 PM by Dirtyu D

people are so fucking stupid. Why would it ever strike anyone as a good idea to distribute evidence of a crime?

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/22/13 4:32 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

I'd prefer roast beef flossed betwixt butt cheeks myself. Adds a nutty rustic flavoring.

jdindiana site profile image  

7/22/13 4:21 PM by jdindiana

Add some Tuna salad and you've got a fleshlight

NotSomeTourist site profile image  

7/22/13 4:18 PM by NotSomeTourist

Cock meat sandwich

soonertodd site profile image  

7/22/13 4:17 PM by soonertodd

That's gonna look good on his resume

Willie Makitt site profile image  

7/22/13 4:14 PM by Willie Makitt

I prefer my mayo squirted

RawrAnti! site profile image  

7/22/13 4:03 PM by RawrAnti!

Damn it. Totally came here to say this.

CaliKush site profile image  

7/22/13 3:47 PM by CaliKush


Andy Dufresne site profile image  

7/22/13 3:47 PM by Andy Dufresne

Pass the mayo!