How to tell real from fake breasts


OGer Ogami Itto posted a plaintive question on the Internet:
How can you tell if boobs are fake? I honestly have no idea. How can you tell?

refund gap.  Also, there's the amount they should be sagging considering their size and the woman's age, relative to how much they actually sag.  If the woman doesn't go over a C cup it can be hard to tell. 

If I can touch them, then, they're real.

If you pull her pants down and she has a big dong...chances are, the tits are fake.



Ghost of Retard
You have to look and touch thousands of real boobs growing up. Then when you look at a pair of fake ones you can just tell

You just have to believe. People have walked on water and turn water into wine. Growing a pair of perfect its is not that far fetched


You can't always tell by how they look although the laying on the back test is the best visual only test. A scar, of course, is a dead giveaway, but they don't always have noticeable scars.

I know this one girl now who is 30 but has the most perfect, perky, puffy nippled d cups imaginable. Even laying down they don't change much (although probably enough to give them away). And yet they are perfectly real.

Touching them is by far better than just looking (for a lot of reasons, but here I mean for scientific reasons). When the implant is under the skin, it's obvious. The boob will be much firmer than normal. There are a kind of implants that go under the muscle, and if the girl is relaxed with her arms at her sides, they feel much closer to normal. However, if she does anything to flex her pecs, they become hard, and visually noticeable. You can also often see their actual boob on top of the fake boob in this case.

Just go up to the chick and grab em. If you get slapped = Real. If you get a smile or a number = Fake.
Video this technique and post it for us.

It's real to Me, Dammit

The easiest way to tell is when they are lying down. If they flatten and dough to the sides they real. If the just flatten onto themselves they fake. Cause they are in a bag biatch =)
But they are all fun

I worked in the strip club industry for a number of years and this technique is well tested and accurate.

Things needed:
1. A set of tits
2. A flashlight
3. A darkroom

Bring the young lady into your office and turn off the lights. Then turn on your flashlight directly under said breast and if it lights up then they're fake, but if not then they are real.


You have any tried and true techniques? if so, post below.

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7/23/13 6:46 PM by crack pack

Try to pop one

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In for research poiposes

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7/23/13 3:48 PM by Ogami Itto

Nah, MILFs and GILFs with kids.

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7/23/13 2:19 PM by vermonter

If they're trophy wives, then it's fairly likely. Can't assume, but suspect.

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7/23/13 2:18 PM by Ogami Itto

See! But, at the pool I've had opportunity to study and I think I've definitely seen some fakes.

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7/23/13 1:59 PM by big_roy_fan

squeeze her tit and go 'honk honk'

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7/23/13 1:58 PM by ranier wolfcastle

too round is usually fake

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7/23/13 1:57 PM by Death and Taxes

Go to the strip club for research