Weiner's got some balls


Weinergate began when U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner (NY, D) sent pics of his weiner via Twitter to a 21-year-old woman from Seattle, Washington. After a few days of lying, he fessed up about whose weiner it really, resigned from Congress, made up with his wife Huma Mahmood Abedin who works for former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and put the whole episode behind him, running for mayor of New York City.

Or did he?

It appears as if Anthony Weiner once again has nothing to hide. In fact, he’ll show it to you.

The Dirty recently revealed NSFW messages and images between a "Carlos Danger" and a 22 year old, who wishes to remain anonymous. She says the pair communicated multiple times a day for six months, and that it took place after the first Weinergate. In short, he's got some balls.

She also reports that Weiner promised her a condo in Chicago and a job blogging. The Dirty says the source, who Weiner allegedly “lured” via Facebook, knows that she was not the only girl Weiner contacted.

Weiner's phone sex girlfriend released a statement:

I just want to clarify that although I was 22 and technically an adult, I was obviously immature and I acted irresponsibly. I realize my correspondence with Mr. Anthony Weiner was a huge mistake and I am embarrassed by it. But the facts are the facts, and he’s running for mayor of NYC so I felt I should get my story out there.

I have no reason to lie. I don’t want the attention or I wouldn’t have kept my anonymity. I didn’t get paid for anything. I quite literally have nothing to gain from this.

Some people have doubts about the facebook page he used to talk to me in the beginning, before switching to facebook/formspring/phone calls — It’s his personal account. It’s linked to his wife’s account. It’s deactivated at the moment because of the campaign. Aside from the fact that I know many people in the political realm who have verified that it’s his account, I also know from our phone calls.

And to be totally clear, I did not sleep with him or receive any funds from him. I’ve seen comments stating otherwise and they are all totally false. I think it’s important to reiterate the fact that all of this happened with him after his first scandal, so all of his campaign promises about being a changed man are absolute lies.

This time the shrinking Weiner did not lie for days.

"I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have," Weiner said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

Weiner later said the campaign was "too important to give up because I've had embarrassing personal things become public."

Will the voters spank Weiner?

Weiner’s poll position had been positive in the Mayoral race before these new revelations, but he is now expected to come up short.

File this one under 'Junk Politics'.

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SandraBullockFan site profile image  

7/25/13 7:28 AM by SandraBullockFan

nice hog bro

Daredevil73 site profile image  

7/25/13 7:27 AM by Daredevil73


seg site profile image  

7/25/13 5:18 AM by seg

Thank God smartphones hadn't been invented yet when Clinton was in office.  Every college chick in America would have been receiving sexts of Slick Willie's little willy.

Barbasol site profile image  

7/23/13 3:44 PM by Barbasol

Who cares about his weiner. His politics I don't like

PatK site profile image  

7/23/13 3:41 PM by PatK

Man how the times have changed.

Kamakosmo site profile image  

7/23/13 3:21 PM by Kamakosmo

And yet....he will eventually be NYC's Mayor.

eviladam site profile image  

7/23/13 3:18 PM by eviladam

guy doesn't even need a pseudonym, his real name is Tony Weiner.

verdum site profile image  

7/23/13 3:15 PM by verdum

lol just get divorced already...

seg site profile image  

7/23/13 3:12 PM by seg

Bet anything he still gets elected.  I hope his wife at least cheats on him with Hillary.