Cat sees owner after six months away


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7/26/13 2:56 PM by Soup Nazi


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7/26/13 2:12 PM by RefriedJinx


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7/26/13 12:50 PM by DezzNutzz


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7/26/13 12:24 PM by McFly

A dog thinks: Hey, those people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me.....They must be gods!A cat thinks: Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me...I must be a god!

THERESmyCHIPPY site profile image  

7/26/13 12:00 PM by THERESmyCHIPPY

Had a cat when I was a little kid that my dad rescued after he accidentally ran over the mother. We had to bottle feed her and rub her belly to make her pee. She was super protective of us. Anytime someone came over she didn't know she stalked them. We named her lucky. Great cat.

buckshot44 site profile image  

7/26/13 11:51 AM by buckshot44

lolz.. fuckin cats

invalid site profile image  

7/26/13 11:29 AM by invalid

Same.  I rescued two of the bastards and they follow me around like a damn herd lol

ausgepicht site profile image  

7/26/13 11:08 AM by ausgepicht

Yeah, my cat is lovable to the point of obnoxious too. I had to push him away because his jaw was resting on the keyboard. Then he head bumps my hand because he wants affection, but I can't type. So he's just sitting there staring at me type. Stalker. It's pretty much dog lovers who perpetuate certain false stereotypes about cats as a way to say dogs are better. Both cats and dogs can be awesome. Only a simple mind thinks it's one or the other.

cool hand Ed site profile image  

7/26/13 10:56 AM by cool hand Ed

I don't know what kind of cats you mother fuckers own. My cat acts like he hasn't seen me in six months when I get home from work. If I go in a different room and close him out he meows like he thinks I forgot to let him come with me. Maybe my experience isn't normal. Fuck knows. But my cat plays fetch too. So maybe he's a dog in a cat's body?

ausgepicht site profile image  

7/26/13 10:48 AM by ausgepicht

LOL...cats get a bad rap.  My cat is happy to see me and greets me every day when I get home. Vid is still funny.