Awesome Zombie Game: Arma II: Dayz


Some cool stories of people playing the game on the forums.

"I was hurt...badly hurt ...I had lost so much blood it must have left a path 5 miles long. I managed to make it to the northern hospital of Cherno and asked on my walkie talkie if anybody in the city could help me with a blood transfusion. I got a response of some survivors trying to make their way to me. I shot open the front windows of the hospital to get inside and heard the maddening yells of a dozen or so geeks.

I could barely see my vision was so blurry and grey but I wasn't going down without a fight. I squeezed off as many rounds from my .45 revolver into those blood thirsty monsters as I could manage. I dropped about 15 before I passed out from blood loss. I woke up to see more of those hungry eyes gazing at me through the glass and I fed them the rest of my lead. I saw another survivor through my hazy vision run into the apartments across from the hospital and grabbed my blood bags and made a dash for him. Little did he know the apartment was infested and when I got closer I could see they were feasting on his still warm corpse. I shot those three and three more coming down the stairs. This must have alerted more because I could hear the screams of them in the distance. The poor sod had a Remington 870 shotgun with two 8 rounds packages of slugs that I decided to make use of not to mention the 4 juicy steaks he had in his backpack. In between blasting zeds with the shotgun I was scarfing down steaks. My vision slowly blurred a little less and I had regained some energy.

I asked again over the walkie if anyone was coming and they said they were in the center of town. Just then I heard automatic weapons fire and explosions going off. The walkie talkie went dead and I decided it was time to head north out of town. Luckily on my way into the hills I spotted two cows grazing in a field and stumbled up to them and shot them both, gutted them and took more meat than I could carry. I cooked it all up, feasted and rested and thanked that poor bastard in the apartments for the second lease on life. R.I.P. Shotgun man on Australian 2 server. You saved me and I owe you one."


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Delorian site profile image  

10/26/13 4:37 PM by Delorian

Server owner didn't pay his monthly fees, so some UK guys have it now.Search for EGUK and you should find it.

Tibudo site profile image  

10/26/13 3:38 PM by Tibudo

I searched for it. Couldn't find it.

Tibudo site profile image  

10/26/13 12:34 PM by Tibudo

Been crazy busy and haven't been able to play. I'll be on tonight for sure.

Tibudo site profile image  

10/20/13 3:05 PM by Tibudo

I'll check I out.

Delorian site profile image  

10/20/13 1:14 PM by Delorian

If any of you want to get on the epoch server I've been on lately, search for HOOKERZ through DayZ Commander.Great FPSLegit admin supportNew cityGood community

TheSergeK site profile image  

10/20/13 12:12 AM by TheSergeK

Dead nation for arma3 is very solid. Played it a bit.

Tibudo site profile image  

10/19/13 11:41 PM by Tibudo

I've been playing epoch off and on. Its sweet.

Jimmy is gonna be rustled site profile image  

10/18/13 10:39 AM by Jimmy is gonna be rustled

Sub for when I get a.pc good enough to play

barneyross site profile image  

10/18/13 10:01 AM by barneyross

This looks awesome can I still play it on a razer edge pro?

Cryptic site profile image  

10/18/13 8:34 AM by Cryptic

Got a video?