MLB threatens lifetime ban of A-Rod


Alex Rodriguez maybe one of the most prolific shortstops in the history of baseball, however he finds himself in some hot water:

A source familiar with the Biogenesis investigation tells HardballTalk that if Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball are unable to reach a settlement in connection with the Biogenesis matter, Major League Baseball will suspend Rodriguez for life. Previous reports have only suggested such a move is possible.

A lifetime ban would almost certainly cause Rodriguez to appeal the discipline. HardballTalk’s source says that Major League Baseball is aware that the arbitrator who would hear the matter – Fredric Horowitz – may not uphold a lifetime ban in light of the fact that Rodriguez has never been subject to discipline for PEDs before and because going all the way to baseball’s most severe sanction would be extreme for first-time discipline.  The league believes, however, that even if he were successful in having his sanction reduced on appeal, Rodriguez would ultimately be given a severe suspension, on par with what it is currently offering Rodriguez: 150 games or greater. The league is confident that Rodriguez would not prevail on the basic matter of culpability if he appealed.

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TSMontana site profile image  

8/9/13 7:34 AM by TSMontana

Of course MLB and the owners all turned a blind eye to what was going on. As long as the revenue poured in, it was all good. Then they licked their collective fingers and held them up to the wind. "Public now hates the juicing in our sport...let's crucify those same men who made us all that money, now that they are useless to us."

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

8/5/13 3:34 PM by BackOffWarchild


BackOffWarchild site profile image  

8/4/13 1:31 AM by BackOffWarchild

OUCH. Forget the escalator clauses, A-Rod would lose a minimum of $34.2 million in Saturday. Apparently his team was making public statements that they would appeal any suspension whatsoever, all the while they were actually negotiating for a 50-game suspension (the minimum for first-time offenders). When A-Rod's people realized Selig was pissed about the VERY public lying from his side, they tried to make the negotiations 3-way, including the Yankees, and were told no. This while continuing to publicly state they would not negotiate or accept any suspension. So the hammer is coming down. Dude is getting exactly what he asked for.

cross3dout site profile image  

8/4/13 1:27 AM by cross3dout

You do realize he has never tested positive. And that any accusation of him having used outside of his confession of using during his time with the Rangers is purely speculation. Braun deserved the same punishment A-Rod is getting except ARod has never tested positive.

TSMontana site profile image  

8/4/13 1:21 AM by TSMontana

Of course the MLB and NYY are in cahoots to make this happen. That contract is massive, even for a franchise like the Yankees. Ditching it would help them get a few other free agents, to keep some semblance of a winning team going...and a winning Yankees squad is good for MLB and TV revenue, never mind NYY revenue.

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

8/4/13 1:15 AM by BackOffWarchild

WOW. A-Rod is going to be suspended through the end of 2014. Including possible playoff runs for the Yankees, this is well over 200 games. It puts the home run records incentives in his contract ($30 million) completely out of touch. Got what he asked for!

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

8/2/13 1:34 PM by Vulva Fabulous

You're sort of right. ARod tested positive in an anonymous test to see if MLB needed a harsher penalty....somehow this anonymous test wasn't anonymous, so he apologized.I just don't see how the word of the person that said ARod tried to buy his papers back can be used. Unless there's a trial, it can't.I'm not just defending A-Rod, I'm defending ask players rights here. They are getting bullied to take the deal. These sane bullies turned their heads in the mid 90s.It's sad, baseball is my favorite sport, and the least violent of the mail sports, but why not go after NFL, NBA or NHL....much more physical canes with risk of injury due to somebody being juiced hits you

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

8/2/13 1:33 PM by BackOffWarchild

The UG still exists? Post common-sense, get VTFU, banned. It's terrible over there.

Kneeblock site profile image  

8/2/13 1:21 PM by Kneeblock

Exactly. The PED witch hunt is retarded. I can't wait until a list of MMA names finally comes out. Oh, the hand wringing that will follow on the UG!

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

8/2/13 12:58 PM by BackOffWarchild

He was simply among the players that turned up when Biogenesis got busted. A-Rod and Braun were looking at 100 game suspensions (for 2nd-time offenders), and other players were looking at 50. But A-Rod got caught trying to purchase his medical and billing records from the clinic, THEN got caught tampering with a witness. So, yeah, the douche kind of brought this on himself. The PED abuse alone was worth 100 games, but the tampering and interference with MLB's investigation could get him banned under the "conduct detrimental to the game" clause of the CBA.