College baseball player shot dead by bored teens

source: CNN

It's getting to be a daily occurrence in this country where random acts of violence happen. Hopefully, I don't think it is causing us to be numb to it, but rather to be even more upset with the state of affairs in this country. A college baseball player was shot dead by teens who were in their words “bored.”

A random act of violence has left a promising 22-year-old college baseball player dead, a family devastated and two countries half a world apart rattled.

Christopher Lane, who's from Australia, was gunned down in Duncan, Oklahoma, while he was out jogging last week. The motive, police say? Three teens who had nothing better to do.

"They witnessed a young man run by on the street. Chose him as the target," Police Chief Danny Ford told CNN affiliate KSWO.

When police eventually arrested the three teens -- ages 15, 16 and 17 -- one of them offered up a motive that made clear that Lane, who attended East Central University on a baseball scholarship, was chosen at random.

"He said the motive was, 'We were going to kill somebody,'" Ford told Australian radio station 3AW.

"They decided all three of them were going to kill somebody."

Police say the teens shot Lane in the back in the town of about 24,000 and sped away in their car.

"There were some people that saw him stagger across the road, go to a kneeling position and collapse on the side of the road," Ford told KSWO.

Attempts to revive Lane failed.

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chaplinshouse site profile image  

8/23/13 1:34 PM by chaplinshouse

and if i was the judge you'd get off scott free  

SalaciousCrumb site profile image  

8/21/13 9:33 AM by SalaciousCrumb

There is no "bad" area here. It's a town of about 30,000 people, mostly middle class supported by Halliburton and Fort Sill (about 30 minutes away).That neighborhood is not fantastic, but its not the kind of place you'd be afraid to get out of the car after dark if you ran out of gas.Of not, there is a "black" swimming pool and a "white" swimming pool, which are not official terms, but everyone here knows what you mean if you say the "over by the black pool."

Machine250 site profile image  

8/21/13 9:25 AM by Machine250

can you describe the neighborhood where he was killed for us? Bad area at all?

SalaciousCrumb site profile image  

8/21/13 9:14 AM by SalaciousCrumb

I work in the town where this happened. It's straight up 'Murca here.

KingInFishnetsBottomingBetas site profile image  

8/21/13 8:07 AM by KingInFishnetsBottomingBetas

because the kid has a huge nose, wide like an african americans. also the brillo hair gives it away

anpack20 site profile image  

8/21/13 12:43 AM by anpack20

Half breed(haha, do you mean bi-racial), and where does it say that in the article? The "half breed" you speak of is Chancey Luna(the shooter), his white mother is pictured. Michael Jones(the driver) actually is white. Again, why does it even matter what race they are? A low-life, is a low-life, and these three low-lifes' need to pay for what they did. You're reaching, trying to to make it into a racial issue, losing sight of the actual tragedy at hand. 

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8/21/13 12:24 AM by cameltoenail


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8/21/13 12:24 AM by cameltoenail


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8/21/13 12:24 AM by cameltoenail


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8/21/13 12:24 AM by cameltoenail