6 cleaning programs to speed up your computer


(If you click on the name of the software it takes you to the download)

Go into your browser, and manage addons.  Its usually in tools, options, and programs.  Look in search providers and delete everything but google, or bing if you like it.  you might have to make google the default before you can delete the others.  Then go to addons and disable anything that says toolbar, or doesnt have a name under publisher.  If you need help on this post a screen shot of your addons.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware  (MBAM)

This is the best program i have found for killing Malware.  When you install it you have a choice to install the 30 day free trial of the Pro version, I don't because it's just annoying. Run this at least once a month and anytime you suspect your system of having Malware.

Spybot Search & Destroy

This used to be my favorite, but now i use it in combination with MBAM,  I usually just start both up at the same time.  Always Update, then immunize, then scan.  I always uncheck the box that says install Tea Timer.  It's a real time scanner that is supposed to catch spyware on the fly. 

CCleaner (crap cleaner)

This program cleans up your computer by removing files, registry entries, cookies, and temp files along with other useful shit.  I run this after I find and remove spyware, or after doing updates, and at least once a week.

Run the Cleaner and Registry buttons.  On Registry do a scan then fix,  back up registry everytime.

(you might want to uncheck some things like saved passwords, everything under windows explorer,  read everything that you have checked and understand what it is.)


This is Windows Defrag with a 12 inch cock and supermodel gf.... It can defrag files individually. If one or two of your programs are struggling, you can specifically target them in the process during a quick defrag. It has a lot of improvements from the standard defrag.

DO NOT DEFRAG A SSD DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninite updates multiple apps at once, you open it, it will show you what programs need to be updated, you click update and it updates all of them for you.  This program kicks ass.
Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter
This will fix any errors with uninstalling a program, If you've ever tried to uninstall something and it gives you a big fat error then you will love this. It works on 64 bit systems unlike the old cleanup utility.   Always try to use the control panel uninstall way first.
I'll update this thread with preventative programs later.
This is what i use to keep my computer running good,   I always see threads asking, so i thought i would share.

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If your computer is online pm me and I will help clean it up remotely ... And look at your pics

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